GoPro POV Cam – Ken Gushi Drifting Pikes Peak and Podiums

Subscribe to GTChannel for more drifting videos: Watch Ken Gushi race up Pikes Peak from his POV helmet cam. The best part is around the …

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45 Responses

  1. michael azevedo

    it's a drifting car, without a drifter !!!

  2. Juvis Wilshon

    i dont understand the gearbox lol i dont understand where is gears are on the lever, seems like its random lmfao god damn, H box???

  3. Drew dao

    Is he driving an Automatic or is he shifting really fast? sorry 1st time watching a pro.

  4. 895takashi

    For the most part, drifting around a corner is not the fastest way to clear it, especially tight hairpins. At least thats how it is for any naturally aspirated engine that has enough torque, it take time for tire speeds to match engine speeds when accelerating out of the drift especially going uphill. But he drifts the corners to keeps engine rpm high and therefore boost levels up and get some good speed for the straights

  5. GT Mike91

    I see Ken Gushi is doing a lot of powershifting and clutch kicking to retain the optimal engine speeds/RPMs right in the powerband of the engine. Very risky but smart.

  6. Bouratha You

    Feels like I'm in a simulator 😲. So cool.

  7. JiMiNaToR

    were is the drifting :S no Drift here ppl i thought he was gona drift pikes peak boooo!!

  8. terence megs

    somebody pls make a side by side video between ken frs and the other frs team  so we can see the difference on driving skills that would be very nice …. 

  9. DriveLongRoad

    ein weiterer beweis, das die GOPRO kameras schrott sind!

    die können nicht mit kontrasten umgehen. der innenraum ist total abgesoffen. und aussen ist die strasse nur in rein-weiß "erhältlich". so weiß, so weiß wäscht nicht mal persil. keine zeichnung vorhanden, gar nix. das ist doch kein vernünftiges filmmaterial, das ist müll…

  10. HispanicCausinPanic

    That's hella crazy sliding off the edge of a mountain hardly any guard rails dang…death wish but sick

  11. joe smith

    This car sounds like a blender with rocks in it. Brutal.

  12. Jeffrey Sousa

    Whoever posted this video clearly doesn't know what drifting is.


    i keep forgetting Gushi has skills in grip driving! love it.. btw the FRS/GT86 was made to have the 2jz-gte motor in it! Boxer motor is cool (better is turbo from factory) but sexier with 2jz 

  14. xXbackcountryXx

    Very cool! Thanks for uploading! I'm not sure if you guys had any part in the production of the video but with manual transmissions being so rare in racing of this caliber it would have been a real treat to have had a foot cam.

  15. Brandon Moy

    He's not even drifting he's just racing XD

  16. Hachi Roku

    re take over the hot version channel, they are running it into the ground

  17. vtecsux__

    Cringe!!! he turned the car off as soon as he stopped after thrashing up pikes peak..

  18. TomoHawKzZ

    I wouldn't call this drifting.
    This just looks like a time attack, sure he does some handbrake turns and powerslides here and there, but only to clear the tight corners faster. The title shouldn't be include "drifting".

  19. Nyce Greg

    Lol full grip race video with DRIFT in the title.

  20. edward edwards

    what is that middle console tablet thing?

  21. Dmatic89

    It was a cool vid he couldn't shift proper probably because he doesn't no the course. I think this is why he was letting go of the gas peddle alot. but was cool

  22. Matthew Kingery

    Is there any reason he clutch kicks around corners instead of downshifting. I understand why he's doing what hes doing but over downshifting what is the benefit?

  23. NextSelection

    No outside POV? Some of us like to actually see the car go sideways. 

  24. Paddy McQueen

    I'm sorry but he's just a bad drifter… 

  25. StrayzKid

    5:06 half a little handbrake ? they just put drifting in the title to get views ….

  26. wearesupreme

    ZZZZZZ watch some true hill climb at MPZRACEVIDEO