Grand Theft Auto V Online (XB1) | Supercar Meet | ETR1, Cruise, Drag Racing, Ride Alongs & More

Fell in love with how the new ETR1 looked, basically resembles the LFA but in race trim, shortly found out that it wasn’t really a speed monster but designed to …

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49 Responses

  1. Toni666

    it's fucking hilarious and sad that you keep losing

  2. Dj Dev

    so fucking gay and boring…asshole go eat shit

  3. CrazyJobNik

    HLboostRaceClubRAWHD@ are you doing all those gta v vidoes in the pc or in ps?

  4. DreSouls

    wish i can just throw sticky bombs everywhere

  5. Jonathan Mejia

    I play on Xbox 360 and I saw cars that I don't see online when I play how do I get those

  6. StunnedMyself

    Guys I raced the ETR1 gets smashed by the X80

  7. Roshnie Jipat

    Yo that car that you buy is one of the slowest car in racing

  8. moneymaker 622159

    when r u going to do it on ps3 again

  9. Kendall

    Will do car shows and shit lol add me on xbox one, BaddestWon1

  10. Ikerm Martin

    My name is iker and the my play station 4 mi ID online is Ikermatin06 you and me freands please

  11. Scott Barnes

    hi i'm glen lerner. lol no jk but seriously i would like to gather a bunch of you guys to start a meet, my plan is that once i get enough of you we can join my party on xbox one, and to find a good location. also i would like to have at least 6,7,8 of you, i also require you to not hit any cars while racing. my gamer tag on xbox one is Diablos Rex.

  12. Tyronne Mcharland Jr

    Do you know when the next meet is?? ADD ME QUANN8

  13. Shamar Williams

    ps3 anyone my 4 got trashed ps3 fa now

  14. matty Gaming213

    I haven't even been in a bike meet yet 😭

  15. Norkenz

    If anyone isnt aware of this, here's the key to the ETR1. Its based of the Toyota FT1 Concept Car.

  16. Black Market70

    When in a gta drag race when do u wanna hit the double clutch

  17. RngGunah Gaming

    Can you add me back I just got GTA and have 421 mill on GTA gone transfer account my gamertag is RngGunah

  18. joseph perez

    looking for ppl to have car meets and drag racing. please hit me up ps4 only my psn name is lost_boyz_ww3

  19. Yannick Pouw

    +HIBOOSTRACECLUBRAWHD what is your instagram name?

  20. Martin Drescher

    Shit ton of ricers and maybe 4-5 nice cars.. R.I.P 15 minutes of my life

  21. illesT 46

    damn, i havent been on this channel since like 2 years ago, glad you still doing these meets in gta v, these meets really got me into my passion with cars lol keep it up boost!

  22. Ahmad Hocheimi

    Plzz add me up i want to be in one of your gta meetings gamertag carelessahmad

  23. X- Gamer

    i play GTA-5 in XB1 my name is vexedmohammad can we play together ??

  24. superiortoalll

    let me get in a meet don't really care about videos wanna buy a progen idk ifbi wanna do the t20 or the turismo one cause both look awesome customized

  25. Brad Arenburg

    Hey, im looking for a Race Club on Xb1 Online, gamertag is Heisenbrad01


    +HLboostRaceClubRAWHD when the next one?

  27. TrollBusters 01

    how ken i get to a car meet i will love it i have a microfone i have drag racing cars full upgraded my ps4 name is SMOKE666843 avatar crazy monkey i want to be in a car meet please LIKE .