Great Lakes Funny Car Drag Racing Video

Nostalgia Funny Car Drag Racing Videos Drag Strip Riot Quaker City Motorsports Park Funny Car Race Car Burnouts Dry Hops May 25, 2014 – Great Lakes …

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41 Responses

  1. June Bug

    Why is this sooooo much better than modern TF?P.S. I actually know why!

  2. Olds_96

    Grew up going to this racetrack! these guys are always fun to watch

  3. Scott Weatherman

    A blown alcohol car usually runs in the 5.60's or is not competitive. But, they put on a good show.

  4. Tony Soprano

    1:11 Is that chevy a dragster too Or why does it have huge rear slicks?

  5. Peter G.

    This is excellent! …am originally from Detroit and this type of auto racing was an exciting part of growing up in the '60's and '70's. …thanks for posting this awesome footage…

  6. Ralph Williams

    these funny cars are so cool definetly gona have to go to this track

  7. dynodon100

    The new owner has don much to upgrade as Mossie just did not want to he was to sick . Quaker is a half hr. from home and I race a supercharged 1992 Camaro or my 1968 cuda  and have fun. That's what is fun watching all your friends do there thing , no matter what you race .Opening day will come trust me !

  8. dennyfrontier

    I just youtubed funny car races and I clicked on the first video that came up and it was filmed in salem ohio right where I am from… lol.. i saw the track and was thinking what the fuck?

  9. MonsterJamSeriesTv

    Whats The name of the first song???????

  10. Derek Wagoner

    wait to see some of these guys at Gateway Motorsports park in St.Louis on May 9th 2015

  11. entropy156

    Not to sound like a dick….because I'm actually asking, here…..but why are they so slow?  When I see Nostalgia floppers running at Bakersfield they're doing bottom 6's and high 5's at 250.  What's with all the A/Gas timeslips?  Are they alcohol  or gas cars or something?

  12. 56 426 225

    Easily the best video I've ever seen on funny cars.

  13. 56 426 225

    Y'know something else – These cars are drop dead gorgeous. I'd rather watch these than those ugly pieces of shit they run now – I don't care how fast they are.  

  14. 56 426 225

    Love those Tee shirts…'the floggings will continue until the ET's improve'.

  15. Razorfish

    Are these 40 year old cars and engines or replicas?

  16. thehoundz1

    where is this strip, what tine of year, how many F/C's show up? ..Love It!

  17. dizzypilot

    gasoline is for washing parts,alcohol is for drinking.Nitromethane is for RACING!

  18. dizzypilot

    i love real drag racing,but these scrawny alcohol cars can't make me forget the fueler's i grew up with

  19. Michael Miserocchi

    Brings back my youth. Dragsters had tge engine in front if the driver ( until Don Garlits had enough getting his foot amputated from an exploding clutch) those were the years…

  20. Mac B

    Enjoyed this alot man, thanks! Good ole 1/4mile….like its meant to be.

  21. redriverraider

    Great video! Love alky blower whine!

  22. flex

    Great job filming from start to finish! Very professional. .thank you!

  23. GoWildLikeHelloKitty

    This sound retarded but why are they called 'Funny Car'? Nothing funny about it, closest a normal person can get near flying / feeling like a bullet shot out of a .45

  24. MoxieMike66

    Nice video. Not exactly a "Level" track, is it? Haven't seen a Pinto bodied FC since the Kardiac Kids back in the WWCS days.

  25. bossco09

    Keep up the good work guys,you have some awesome videos that I really enjoy watching.
    I love this old school stuff!!!

  26. cody troyer

    I was in the burn out box for all of those runs an that was amazing but loud as hell

  27. mlratino

    Who's got the fastest upload speed around?  Exciting and flawless DSG!

  28. BackSeatHump

    You did it again, Mazi! A fine video! I see you got the staging ladies to take off those stupid high-heeled shoes and put on something sensible. You must have charmed the hell out of them.  Good work!

  29. themopar426

    always put on a great show at pittsburgh

  30. subscribe to 2PreparedMinds

    it sucks I got fired out there, I worked in the concession stand, but this is ur best video yet. I knew this was going to be a great video when I seen you guys filming all day.


    Oh yeah race season is back and so is Drag Strip Riot!!…#9….

  32. jasonbc69

    Well put together video, and great footage. Gotta love 215mph out of a vintage ride