Greatest MotoGP Slides In History Valentino Rossi CRAZY Drifts and PowerSlides DriveTribe

Some of the craziest MotoGP racing slides in history As well as some amateur compilations Clips that form part of this compilation are protected under fair use …

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20 Responses

  1. Giovanni Campos

    I know nothing about riding or motorcycles, so with that being said… How in the world is this possible?

  2. Projekt Archetype - X

    McCoy! the Sultan of Slide 👍
    hands down he was arguably the best 500cc slider/drifter…

  3. Gennaro Lombardi

    1:57 . Seen that bike on craigslist for sale and ad said the usual. " Triumph Rocket for sale. Driven lightly "

  4. LS11

    That's Troy Corser on the bmw not Bayliss..although I'm sure Bayliss would be equally as sideways! haha

  5. Ayyy Lmfao

    Marco has some fucking balls doing that right before that finish line…

  6. robin carlson

    i wonder if these squids can ride without hitting the rev limiter?????? no way they could ride a real 80's bike with the character they had

  7. Analog Human

    Motorcycles are significantly enhanced with electronics. As is almost everything else.

  8. bogey19018

    Stadium racing, pffft. Do that on the roads of northern Ireland,
    where real racers race.

  9. Teddy F

    pfffttt watch some mx, they slide every corner like this over bumps