GT6 GoPro Seasonal Events! – 4WD Rally Car Super Lap / G35 Sedan Racing

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39 Responses

  1. Captain Slav

    SLAP You turn in and Apex way too early on almost every corner , fix this habbit and you'll shave seconds off your times in general.

  2. Joe Hulett

    Man I love watching your vids. I'm going back and watching the old ones I haven't watched.

    I have NFS on X1 and I want a wheel set up cause I see you banging out those tires on most racing games. keep it up bro.

  3. d e c i b e l

    Just copped this on psn store for 19$ love it specially the drifiting lobbies were everybody has a mic and there just fucking doing tandoms

  4. Autowill

    How does the t300rs feel with GT6? I went from a g27 to a t150 to the t300rs now. Does the t300rs make GT6 seem like a new game all over again?

  5. Snoop Drift-Era

    Each video you drive like shit. Maybe yu should play offline for a while?

  6. Ron2x14

    Hey! SlapTrain what console are you using right now??? PS4, Computer or Xbox? It looks pretty go. :-)

  7. thesulo12

    ohhh i will never forget how challenging GT6 is compared to forza wish i never sold my ps3, looking forward for SPORT and GT7

  8. Maurice-Mores

    is G2A Really a thing??
    everything's at half the price steam, origin and ubisoft won't ban you for that?

  9. Emanuele Straccini

    this is one of the best race its really hard maaaan

  10. Flyderay

    I have a lap of 1:10.98 at eiger norwand.Bad thing is my Game is stuck on v1.16

  11. Brandon Kohlmeier

    go into a drift lobby at suzuka and enjoy the 10+ car tandems through those bends! :D

  12. Superfly Dude01

    Yo Slap. I'm doing this same challenge with a '99 Celica GT Rally car

  13. Winston Wallace

    I don't want this game to so much love for this series man

  14. Luis Polino

    forza and gran tourismo are similar in a way, but keep in mind that forza was made for the newer console Xbox 1 while gt6 was made for ps3

  15. Nick “The Cage” Brown

    dude how much did the steering wheel and clutch set up is

  16. Brian Singh

    lol! thats almost gold man only tenths of a second…..ur getting better Slap!

  17. TheAncientDrifter

    +slaptrain the clearer just means you cleared gold these cars are like 100k to 150k each when it says clearence just means you surpassed gold

  18. Paralelepipedo00

    That rally car event was a nightmare for me, specially with the controller. Impossible to get to gold. But it was really fun to drift the rally car on the road. I used the evoIX or X btw

  19. Pang Xuan Yang

    I feel bad for that Subaru,it hit's the wall almost every corner because of slap.XD

  20. Ahsieh2

    In GT6, you can shift without using the clutch. Just hit the paddles once, then you can use the shifter without using the clutch. It'll eliminate missed shifts, but then you can't clutch kick. It's a trade off, but it works better for me. If you do tap the clutch by accident, just hit the a paddle again and you'll be back to clutchless shifting.

  21. Stephen Roche

    i want to race you bro platinumdrifter is my name on GT6