GTA 5 Drag Race – Progen T20 vs Pegassi Reaper vs Vapid FMJ (Finance and Felony DLC)

Progen T20 vs Pegassi Reaper vs Vapid FMJ Drag race, also the Pegassi Zentorno. New Finance and Felony DLC Cars. Lets see which is the fastest super car …

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43 Responses

  1. Shadsy The Hedgehog

    Fuck that cheating Zentorno prick

  2. Car Forum

    The FMJ has bad acceleration but its top speed is very good and it can go faster than most supercars. It's also the best looking car in the game in my opinion

  3. james mackenzie-grieve

    Can you do this again with a carbonizzar in there?

  4. Raisin56

    The acceleration of my reaper is so bad and its fully upgraded 🙁

  5. coolio diablo

    None of the newer cars are even worth the money, the zentorno still is in the top 4 for acceleration also it's handling is still probably my favorite out of them all and it's a fraction of all the newer super cars price.

  6. Materialistic™

    what was your upgrades on your reaper my reaper all ways do wheel spin for to long

  7. Teo ruckbelt

    can someone tell me if the reaper is worth buying for races? idc if i am first just to see if it can reach a decent finishing place

  8. ChimiChang ChimiChong

    if the airport was a lot longer the fmj would have made it past both of em

  9. Ledgers Joker

    new sub bro, love your work! Osiris is still the king for me!

  10. R8 Promethean

    FMJ sucks at acceleration but actually faster than the Reaper and Zentorno.

  11. william lambeth

    The guy driving the fmj has no reaction speed

  12. Corey Conard

    fmj has really good traction and brakes

  13. Y0UNG G0D IV0

    lol just because the fmj has a high top speed people think its better, look at the adder you see anybody touching that shit

  14. Adonis Natividad

    Fmj doesnt gave bad acceleration but when u mash that r2 it just slides around around like mia khalifa's dildo.


    The guy in the 2017 Ford GT use cheat guys… Don't you see?

  16. Shane Coyne

    should I spend all my money on the fmj or should I just get the reaper?

  17. James Munster

    oke, the reaper isnt the fastest one. but is it still worth buying? i like his design and i dont have a large bank account

  18. phawwaz

    t20 users are wayy too much getting bored of it everyone wanna use a t20 in races or the Osiris getting a zentorno and fmj back

  19. Afro Obama

    The guy in the fmj should of double clutched

  20. Advait Chatterji

    We did an all supercars race:
    Reaper vs FMJ vs T20 vs Zentorno vs Osiris vs Turismo R vs Entity XF vs Cheetah vs Adder.
    Reaper is quite good in acceleration.
    FMJ is pathetic at the star but later on, oh man.
    T20 is amazing.
    Zentorno, a close second.
    Osiris, good acceleration, overall absolute rubbish.
    Entity XF, the original GTA V race king, tough competitor for the DLCs.
    Cheetah, just shit compared to the others.
    Adder, same as FMJ or more FMJ is like the Adder.

    Vacca, Infernus, Bullet, Carbonizzare etc., weren't included cuz well they can't keep up.

  21. Babo Albanerstyle


  22. Dj_FNFA Cjh

    reaper has a nice look but thiers other peggassi that beat it badly

  23. Kadomex

    So the T20 has the best acceleration but the FMJ has the higher top speed.

    Honestly for 2.2M the T20 isn't all that fast. I'm still buying both.