GTA 5 Online Car Meet Pt. 12 | Drifting, Drag Racing (GTA V)

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35 Responses

  1. Tyler Segers

    Why tf would u take a Phenix to a drag meet makes no sense at all

  2. Lorin Vaughan

    the benafactor feltzer looks the bes customized to me… i dont know why nobody ever customs it

  3. devin levi

    what is the name of the red car that he drives in the beginning

  4. CoBBsallad Gaming

    wich song was that in the beginning and the voltic is nice and yours to holy pony jesus definitely a subscribe and a like worth

  5. Ramune ラムネ (Skelix)

    not even a drift, more like a power slide lol

  6. Nicolas caro sanchez

    a quien le gustas el drifting agregen para aser un cree drif ps3 este es mi ID nico_31180_1090

  7. Nicolas caro sanchez

    nico_31180_1090 agremen esta es mi dirección ID me gusta el drift y sus vídeos