GTA 5 Online How To STANCE and DRIFT Your Car!

How to stance and drift your car in GTA 5 Online. The glitch was patched with the stunting dlc but now it’s back with import export! Drifting is back and some …

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28 Responses

  1. EndslikecrazyGaming

    Yo nice video, i tried this out but ive got a question, can I only stance the cars with the race suspension? It doesnt seem to work on the others for me but i dont have competition or race suspension unlocked yet.

  2. Cjp._.27

    i knew about this years ago ? wtf this video is late as hell

  3. Siyiane Lee

    what would b sick is the senitel from gta 4 was n gta 5 with a widebody or the coquette from gta 4 had a drag spec.

  4. RobTheSupa

    When everyone was parked up it looks so good, you do this on Xbox or PC?

  5. Obeezy

    hey guys does anyone want to start a drifting crew with me PSN Only : ObeezyYT

  6. Daniel Wood

    What is that intro music??!!? It sounds like proleter. Awesome!

  7. NCRranger24 - PC Gaming, GTA 5, Fallout 4, & More!

    ah the framerate hurts

  8. Sander Nilssen

    Why dose my banshee r900 blow up everyappfree time I stance it?????

  9. Denvr Drifts

    Check out my gymkhana on my channel you might like it!!

  10. David G

    If you start up any mission then exit it will remove bullet holes off your acc

  11. Supra 2jayz

    Does he read comments because I have a theory that based on the two retro cars wouldn't it be possible that the old nsx is comeing

  12. Tony Kulusic

    .If somebody else is looking for a buddy to drift with just hit me up(I'm on PC)

  13. Tom De Vries

    car meeting for pc? i would like to play with serious car lovers! If your intrested please reply! thanks! XD

  14. CosmicHijacker

    Can you do a video showing top best drifting cars in Gta

  15. Shehroz Khan

    @GTA wise guy does have to be a all wheel drive and competition suspension?