GTA 5 Online: Street Car Meet Part 3, Meeting Up, Highway Races & Drag Racing (HD)

Hi guys, today we have another car meet with some more Gta Racers and Cruisers and have a bit of fun. We meet up in the centre of Los Santos in a parking lot, …

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48 Responses

  1. SimplyRandom

    cool i didnt know theres car meets (sori for my english) add me! Dedolocks

  2. Owen Davidson

    Id love to use my fully graded sultan rs against you guys :)

  3. sam verrall

    wit the elegy u got if u take off the hood u will get exposed twin turbs

  4. Isaiah Rodriguez

    I wanna be in one of your car meets my psn is PR_K1D i just sent you a request 

  5. prettyboy AL

    Can I play with u guys u guys are tight and I like car meet ups👌

  6. Айк Меликян

    Hi i and my friend want to join your car meets send us a friend request our names are HM7025, TA9820 we are waiting you bro….

  7. Rodolpho Valdez

    I'm your biggest fan can I add you on PS3 so we can do the car show

  8. Brandon Sturdevant

    Bro I want to do this shit is this on ps3 if so add me bigsass420

  9. ThatHyperMonkey

    Okay someone help me out here..what is a street racing car? It can't be a super car does it have to be a sports car r? In really confused

  10. Tiago Almeida

    Nice rides 😉 I've been watching some GTA 5 meetings and I was wondering if I can join you. My PS3 ID is Domi_NucleoDuro

    At what time did you guys play?


  11. SixStar Echo

    If you are going to have more car meet ups please let me know and if you have a crew I can join that would be great 

  12. mikado ryugamine

    I wanna join, I always wanted to be part if a car meet like this. send me a message my GT is "xXlvl99_otakuXx

  13. juan lopez

    Hey man I got psn would love to do some races with you can I have your psn name and add you?

  14. TerrisMoonChild IronMaiden

    hey my friend i love car meets and airstrip races shall i join your crew. cuz im looking for a crew that it doesn't kills you every time that you free roaming around. im kinda new on GTA Online so i need some hints i would appreciate it if u can help me. Add me if you want  to add me my  PSN: Terris92

  15. Lordbeerus123

    Epic u are a good racer, I don't have gta 5 but I play it and u are an awesome driver

  16. seth carroll (gamerassassin679)

    I would be down when will be a car show?

  17. ThisMadBoxWill

    hey man do you do racing? cos my crew can race yours if you want?