GTA 5 PS4 – Sultan RS Supercar Vs Sultan Sports Car Drag Race Comparison | Which is fastest? (GTA V)

GTA 5 Online PS4 NEW Sultan RS Supercar Car comparison video today, drag race comparison for you with Sultan RS Supercar Vs Sultan Sports from the New …

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35 Responses

  1. Valley Bmx Riders

    intro HEY GUYS hkddjdhdndbdtgsbzvsvbsb

  2. Centaro 可

    if anyone is on Xbox one, I have a good simple drag race if anyone wants to test out their cars on

  3. Ace Nasty

    is the grotti bestia gts faster than the sultan supercar

  4. Ya Boy Osama

    Remember when the Sultan was rare? Good times

  5. Xeons YT

    I read the update that it can go faster than a zentorno (Sultan RS)

  6. Bryan Smith

    Didn't get a word lmao especially towards the end

  7. SDRIFTER Abdlmounaim

    bro can you write what was that u said in the intro i cant hear it clear

  8. Trashed Out Garage

    can you do a sultan rs vs a elegy r8. please

  9. david vue

    The old one was stock it has nothing on it the new one have all the after market parts in it not an equal match.

  10. oomerimunni

    For the first 4 seconds I was trying to understand what language he was speaking and so goes for the ending.

  11. Renard Salvado

    sultan rs has an extra, exclusive transmission upgrade


    still don't know what he sais in the begging of his videos

  13. Ivar W

    What are the wheels on that blue sultan? :O

  14. Score Kongen

    YOU NEED TO READ THIS!! The claim's that R* are making about these cars are false. They will not i repeat WILL NOT be on the level of the high end supercars. The Sultan RS is in the slow end of the super class and the Banshee actually has a worse performance after you upgraded it than the normal modified version of the Banshee and it's the second to worst car in the super class. DO NOT BUY THESE CARS FOR THEIR PERFORMANCE.

  15. Lukas19360

    Evil's sultan is dope. Just like a Subaru rally car

  16. Mr SmersH

    I havnt played gta in months. Can't wait to get online tomorrow now and check this out

  17. Logan Ferguson

    Damn that Blue and Yellow is niiice. Thx for the video!

  18. x3xcution

    What in the fuck do you say in the beginning of your vids

  19. Kenyan Douglas

    Super version of a Feltzer would be amazing. Luxury options would be great!

  20. TyrannoKoenigsegg

    wait… ALL the sports have SUPER version now?