GTA 5 Slidey Cars Drifting Banshee RED LIGHT!

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42 Responses

  1. Beasty 1097

    Ur trash I don't need glitches BTW ur a dope you tuber😉

  2. Dirty Pant

    Rly? You are just playing the car with the breaks that's suck and not fun man

  3. Very fast Lució skating at incredibly high speeds

    I've just been in this place before!

  4. Rogue Gamer FTW

    RWD:Release gas tap handbrakes apply gas
    AWD:Release gas tap handbrake tap the brakes apply gas
    FWD:Release gas tap the brakes tap the handbrakes apply gas

    To those how to double clutch on every car have fun

  5. Robustian PRINCE887

    Do metallic Gray and pearl red

  6. Skrt The turtle

    You are the only dude who doesn't put caps lock on when writing his title

  7. Thomas The Dank Engine

    Godammit I thought there was gonna be Tokyo drift music!

  8. Raj Unknown

    try the rapid gt it is the best stanced car for drifting now and it's the fastest if you know how to double clutch just look on yt😆

  9. nS.Forgotten

    Ur so noob, i can see how u disimulate ur fails.

  10. Day V

    Bro when he was getting chased by the cops he was so annoying

  11. Ben Jacklin

    i use slidey cars all the time in single player.

  12. Grahmington 05

    Hey personally I think it looks like a Supra

  13. ageeks deal

    I have my own video it's called AMAZING CAR DRIFTING GAME

  14. Silly Salamander Productions

    the drift wing looks like the new stock wing on the 2016 vi per

  15. FinalGaming 11

    I actually think that the banshee is a mazda rx8

  16. Cold Gold Gamer

    your so stupid inoffensive turning around and shooting at the cops you can just get in another car in stead of swerving all around the place then you would not have died stupid

  17. Quentin Eckert

    brake smoothly, balance increases traction.

  18. Raquan Parnther

    drive the Bugatti veyron supersport

  19. Noah Matthews

    by far the best intro to any video ever

  20. Rаgs

    Don't worry man the police are giving you less weight more performance and speed