GTA V – Car vs Jet [Drag Race]

GTA V – Car vs Plane [Drag Race] Available in 1440p HD 50p FOLLOW ME ON: Twitter ▻ Facebook …

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26 Responses

  1. tylan4life

    I know this is for entertainment but a human can outrun a f1 car for a few feet so it all depends on distance.

  2. Omega Gamer111

    The rapid gt would smoke the hydra if you stance and "double clutch" it.

  3. Razvan David

    Am I the only one thinking of the Top Gear challenge (Bugatti Veyron vs Eurofighter Typhoon) when I watch this clip?

  4. Alper Öz

    Lower the volume at the intro son of a bitch.. I had headphones

  5. FinnTasticBricks

    Omg, so cool how you make video:D So niceeee You're awesome:)

  6. Andy Aldana

    I love the ending part when the guy was on top of his car and doing cool things

  7. The Legend **Gamers

    your finishing line is short but I know this is only test

    but actually jet is fast if finish line is long

  8. der schatten spieler

    The lazer Jet is faster in accelarate than the Hydra.

  9. 199azteca

    The sound the Nero makes is that engine sound from the Charger and hemi cuda in nfs carbon, I rate that 😂

  10. Matija Plečko

    i found aobut you vučko and i thing that you are doing awesome gta videos and that your editing is real dope
    keep up the good work 😉