Hard Extreme Enduro Race SILBER 2015

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38 Responses

  1. Bitchface McGee

    i need a good KTM that is streetlegal in germany and also good at offroading

  2. Tom Wolf

    That's not Hard Enduro, that's a day in the Bush where i come from but still fun i wish i could be there.

  3. MX PRO

    Amazing Video aand really great Race 🙂 subscribed you
    Take a look at our page, would be great 🙂
    Nicde greets from Austria

  4. Mocking69


  5. Muhamed Hilic

    Kada će te ići opet na ovo mjesto i dali je ovo u osredku

  6. 6trickshot

    Thank hehe j have a video from me riding my 50cc if you want just click on my channel

  7. 6trickshot

    Pff i pretend to be you guys i hve a small dirtbike 50cc goes t0 put my helmet on taped phone to helmet and drive at some sand stuff and the woods im 15 😦 hope that ican buy a ktm later when im older

  8. Christopher Freerks

    hey I have a video of me over jumping a jump and taking out both ankles how do I send that in to you?

  9. rodrigo henrique

    place your video very, very good, I'm from Brazil and I love assistrir your videos, do track here too, hugs, and with tamo

  10. Scotty Swanton

    change them  hand guards on the ktm. Not good for enduro because when you crash your arm could go between the hand guard and ya throttle. therefore ya break ya arm.  Great vid.

  11. Enduro Grip Bosnien

    Sta je ovo, ovaj gura yamahu da upali a ide na utrku hard endura ?! Hehe…

  12. tyson Pimp daddy

    nice vid bro trying to build my channel so can you plz subscribe thanks man

  13. Sup3rNov4

    Wait Did I hear you talk English at the end of the video.? Nice video I have never seen a video like this where they keep the camera clean and good. (Most race videos they have the camera full of mud where you can't see the video)

  14. SF Sand

    Hey sometimes my cr250 just shuts off and wont start for a while mostly while going up hill or sometimes just riding around idk what happens It starts to lose power then just shuts off even though I apply throttle. Then it takes a while for it to start back up. Do you know what might be the problem. Its 2 stroke. Thanks.

  15. Roberto Markovic

    Stanii stani stani jebo te kolac hahahahhahah svaka castt najbolji si hahha :)))