Hare Scramble 2016 FULL TV EPISODE – Red Bull Signature Series

Watch more Hard Enduro carnage on Red Bull TV http://win.gs/HardEnduroRBTV The crown jewel of the Erzbergrodeo is the Red Bull Hare Scramble. With 500 …

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47 Responses

  1. mike carr

    I would need all morning to finish this  then I would sleep and be sore for a week   plus  I would do this on a trails bike  with a nicely padded seat

  2. リビーロフェルナンド

    i see only 300 2 strokes:)no one wants to be underpowered:)but no one wants to use a maico 700 2 stroke or even a 500 2 stroke:)i would try with an xr250 just to see the gap 🙂

  3. TaylorEngberson Vlogs

    Jonny walker is my cousin go JONNY!! He just got a 2018 Ktm 300 and it looks so nice! I have a 2007 crf150r but I barley get to ride with him

  4. PriestKikyo

    Like WTF? Did they just talk about "Dinner" and "Diner" as 1 word? and having 2 different pronunciations like "potato" or "tomato?" LOOOLLLL WTTFFFFF OOOOMMMGGGG!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Jiany Mass

    I think these guys do this for the love of the SPORT, NOT much $. And if so, that's AWESOME

  6. Jack Maidman

    Just wait for 2017 iron giant with my mate Brett Swanepoel who's going to be there riding for team husqvarna

  7. Ray Palmer

    2017 hare scramble soon. Hope not to see the annoying Tina with her annoying voice

  8. Colin Wiens

    why are so many people swarming around and getting in the way of the riders

  9. 89 Alpha

    These are 450cc 's mostly right? Or can they be any size , what are the leaders using?

  10. Calin Kln - Enduro Alba

    @Redbull : about Lazy Noon.. It's not ok TO LIE , Cody Web didn't do it on 2nd atempt, also Gomez didn't make it on 3rd, perhaps 13th. Be serious guys.. @55:54

  11. pghdave420

    why at the start is he standing next to a 4 stroke ?we all know 2 strokes the bike that wins this race.return of the 2 stroke.hell even where i ride 80% of the bikes are 2 strokes

  12. Elina Vance :3

    does someone know the song at 45:05 ? couldn`t find it with shazam because of the talking maybe…

  13. Crazy killer Miller

    We made a course for mountain bikes and BMX bikes and I was wondering if you could come over and if you do this is the address Somis California law Cumbre Road 5701


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