HEAT WAVE Jet Car Drag Race!

The jet car Heat Wave showing of at 131 dragstrip in Martin MI. Produced by Bjørn Michaelsen (insane racing.no) with DuneTV.com Facebook: …

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20 Responses

  1. djhowa

    this clip alone had more smoke than 10.000 average smokers smokes in their lifetime.

  2. ShockingVideoRecorders

    Hello, on my channel you will find a collection driftway street trucks, and many more interesting, thanks)

  3. 124bel875ive

    When will electric touch this? Respect for the Drivers!

  4. Joshua Herbert

    annnnnddd…… SMOKE ON!!!! Haha!! That's cool!!

  5. Dark

    Ummm noooo… That's like 5th grade math? In order to cover a specified Distance in a specified Time, you must have a specific Velocity. In order to travel a quarter mile (1320 feet) in 3.49 seconds, one would have to accelerate to AT LEAST a velocity of 49.95 m/s/s (174.34 m/s) (572 ft/s) (390 MPH), which is not the case in this video. Anyone notice how the jet car miraculously is 600 feet further down the track in a quarter of a second at the end of the race? It would have to be traveling nearly Mach 2 to achieve that, which is an ENORMOUS jump up from 390 MPH. The clip at the end where the car jumps ahead and also the announcer stating "3.49 seconds" is guaranteed to have been edited and taken out of context along with the announcer also saying "217.0 miles an hour slower" or "lower", which is obviously also taken out of context from something else. There's absolutely no way one could attain a quarter mile in 3.49 seconds at 217 MPH unless they accelerated to the speed of sound (768 MPH) In half a second off the starting line and decelerated the other 3 seconds, and were doing 217 MPH when they crossed the line. Soooooo… I'm calling shenanigans on this.. Science for the win, as per usual..

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  7. trucks games

    Thats cool!!!😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎