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  1. signalorangers2k

    Why does the co driver repeatedly say "down the middle"? Where else would the driver go?

  2. Eric Schaertl

    Anyone familiar with this, what do the calls mean? Obviously route/directions but what are the corresponding numbers?

  3. Laura Morgan

    Full lol experience turn on captions guys 😂😂😂

  4. Ruairi Mccarthy

    This is the WEST CORK RALLY  and right HOOR of a stage    ( RING)

  5. cibriosis

    See.. even rally drivers get cstuck behind an asshole admiring the scenery :))

  6. Mark Somers

    tacho doesn't seem to work, as is often the case it seems, or how does that work ?

  7. nhwtfman

    So guys getting held up by another driver is what you consider "hilarious" and "funny". Your video was neither. yawn

  8. mark lewis

    if you have any way to put on the captions please do because it'll be so much funnier… translate can't keep up

  9. Luke Skywalker

    What an ass, here in Aus if someone does that for too long we give them a good shove up the ass.

  10. devlin7575

    Did they qualify despite losing at least 25 seconds to that horses arse in front??anybody know? (nice to her an accent from home btw)

  11. Carl Rees

    both as slow as fuck, drive that stage faster in my discovery 😀

  12. Andy Cigars

    Samir is driving the car ahead of him and isn't concentrating on his co-driver's notes.

    "Samir, listen to me, I beg of you!"

  13. Paul Goldsmith

    I don't understand why he so pissed off at the car in front when he's driving so fucking slow himself. I've seen oap's drive faster to the shop