Hill Climb Andler 2010 – Die besten Abgänge

Hier das Video zur 11. Edition des Hillclimbing – made in Belgium – in Andler / Schönberg. Die tollkühnen Biker auf ihren modifizierten Motorrädern versuchen, …

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35 Responses

  1. helm

    You get to abuse your bike on the way up, and it gets a turn on the way down.

  2. gammkrab

    hehe, iu guess its kinda like come and ride with ur home custome ride kinda race

  3. DAVID Marshall

    that was just so PAINFULL to watch, I was wincing at every crash. well done to ALL the riders. you all need bravery awards shaped like BIG CAHOONAS.

  4. catothewiser

    Leave this stupid crap to Americans. Germany, you are better than this.

  5. milton podolsky

    Is there a Doctor in the house, is there a Doctor in the house ???? Somebody dooo something to help me !!!

  6. Jonah Larson

    This hill has so many good lines that it seems like they don't use…. this hill is like many of the ones we ride here in alberta out west 

  7. rrowhe4d

    It would be funner to watch them all be at the top already, and just chuck their motorcycles down the hill! Save time, and more parts flying everywhere!

  8. rrowhe4d

    After about 5 minutes, it feels like they are all on toy motorcycles the way they they fling down the hill, almost mass-less…