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28 Responses

  1. Guerrin Love

    some of these guys don't know how to handle their vehicles😂 and some of the FWD guys trying to drift 😂 the guy in the astra knows how to work it!! needs to do some autocross competitions

  2. Sanya Vanya

    Subaru just crashes everywhere ))))) LOVEly ))))

  3. martens132

    Wielkie brawa dla kierowcy czerwonej astry nr 57 bodajże , masz jaja kolego .

  4. peter falk

    Who is the driver in the red Astra ??? he gives an amazing show, i want see more from thise driver! can me helf anyone???

  5. s70driver2005

    I've seen almost all these clips on another channel posted before this one. They know you stealing clips from them?

  6. Johnny Five

    that geo driver lol!  OWNING THE 2 WHEELS IN THE AIR!

  7. HatsTour

    The dude driving the red astra is a beast.

  8. Thomas Kwon

    whats the name of that honda hatchback with round back?

  9. Korben Paffey

    that red astras goin where no astra has gone before XD

  10. Adam Smith

    Give that red Astra driver a medal, fair play :O It was on three wheels for most of the race.