HO Slot Car Drag Racing for CASH

This is what happens when you get a few bored drag racers together during the winter months. Urban Hillbilly Videos and 417 Motorsports teamed up for a little …

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19 Responses


    last slot car set I got to mess with was powered by batteries so i upgraded the batteries to an 18v system and it was alot more fun. it eventually burned out the cars it came with so I bought new ones that were alot faster.

  2. furyIIIplate

    Where are the hot chicks? Can't have drags without some gals showing off.

  3. Joseph Sarkadi

    Wow in HO, im blown away…guys need a "return track" tho!!! 😉

  4. Tech by John

    no offense but that kid seems like the kind to be into slot cars

  5. Troy Nugget

    put some rubbing alcohol on the track use to do this when I was a kid makes them quicker or it seemed to me

  6. LT1derland

    my brother's and i set up a to scale slot car drag strip down the hallway of our house when we were too young for real cars, changing tires, types of oil and amount just to get the edge. I love drag racing.

  7. Cr125stin

    I have a whole room in my house that's nothing but slotcar track. I've had many good time racing slotcars. And still do! Thanks for the video. I actually just got one of my cars back from my buddy today who did a nice custom paint on it.

  8. Kelly Boyd

    Man this brings back memories!! My brother and i used to do drags like this, with our 1/8 scale cars… about 40 years ago.
    I never liked the HO size, which grew more popular in the later years.

  9. jimmy weeks

    I've raced 1/32 and 1/24 scale slots . those HO sealers were moving out. someone level that track . not fair to the bearded guy with the superbird.

  10. Bob Falfa

    No way!! your into slot cars as well? My buddies and I go every Wednesday and whenever the track gets rained out,lotta fun..good times.

  11. Shay Earl

    somebody is cheating. that one car is gapping everyone. check him for NOS

  12. Kevin Sorgen 3X75

    we do this with 1/24th scale slot drag cars and run a top 10 list