Homemade MotoGP Racing SIMULATOR

Who wants this home made motogp racing simulator? This guy made his own racing simulator to practice his riding skills. COOL HUH!?!

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11 Responses

  1. Angga Kesepuan

    he galang hendra #99 rider from yamaha racing factory Indonesia. ride YZF-R25/R3 on AARC Asian products 250 class. awesome

  2. Evil Eye

    …i hate that that handlebars can't read that your 'straightening out' from a curve and react correctly… unfortunately, even through all the other bike simulator games, they have the same cheap software/contraption. Like all Suzuki headlights, hasn't had an upgrade since the 80's. wtf …i think its still lame af…

  3. xX12VincEXx

    Lol.. This my Dream Setup :D. I'm like ok..I have to build this.. but how? and then you release this Video :D

  4. Monica Vega

    you should have a big industrial fan that changes based on the speed, In the game, …….