[HOONIGAN] Unprofessionals EP8: Smashing cars at Pat’s Acres Racing Complex (PARC) in Oregon

https://www.hoonigan.com/ The Unprofessionals is a new series from Hoonigan, presented by BC Racing that follows the misadventures of two very …

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24 Responses

  1. S-Code T

    I had to watch this twice, I loved it so much lol 😂


    With y'all playing Xavier Wulf so much he should be on y'all show by now. 😂

  3. David HL

    Fuck I want to move to America and break shit with Hert more than anything

  4. 314Drift

    Hert stop breaking your shit. You're gonna be broke soon

  5. MonkeyGameHD

    Somebody can take the battery in the space and give it to the wild world of Social Network ? haha

  6. ___Henry ___Lucas___

    My life is described as a "Suck it mixtape".

  7. Winfred Burney

    I love how they say they don't know how to film but the the video and the angles come out crisp af

  8. Nikolas4g63

    So many drifters surround Hurts like allday and no one tought him how to work the damn rev range on his car. i cringe so much when i see he is on the limiter all the time…

  9. Justin Bush

    What's the song playing in the beginning in the drivers intro 3:15?????