three piece wheels Street Faction

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40 Responses

  1. Street Faction Engineering

    It was great to finally meet you guys! Thanks for stopping by our shop! =D

  2. eel1331

    You guys were in El Monte???? Wtf thats in the valley, in the hood!! Close to me hahah

  3. snakezulu7

    @moreskidsdj I'm the same damn way about seeing plastic on TV's and computer monitors.

  4. The Guy With No Grammer

    Get that auto focus lol feel like im watching a artist Independence film lol

  5. Will Cardoza

    Love street faction engineering. I'm happy there's hand made quality parts for our cars a click away. I need to get myself some of those sick camber plates 👌

  6. BlueLouBoyle

    Never stop skiding!! -Peace and love from a fan, all the way from Denmark…

  7. Project E

    Great video, good view of the boiz at sf. Everyone seems chill and masters of their crafts

  8. Lamp Shade Gaming

    where do you get the 240 shirt that just says 240 i cant find one anywhere

  9. JP3

    i dont really like haggard gerege and the rudnick people to be honest

  10. Fylist

    daaam you guys parked your trailers in El monte ? hahaha that’s super ghetto bro i’m surprised nothing happened

  11. Patryk Kaźmierczak

    Man, check out WE ARE STYLE BANGERS by besmusk on YT, they run similar hot boy wheel setup on they drift M3s. It looks dope 😉

  12. Scottys

    damn i really gotta get my hands on a sf bash bar setup. destroyed my gastank jacking on the diff lol

  13. Jonathan Serrato

    From personal experience stay away from threepiece my man other then that keep up the fire content! Street fraction is legit👍🏼

  14. EURO Rehab

    Street Faction is a all around Badass shop looks like they literally do all.. I like how they are trying to build every part not buy anything on that 240.. that is awesome..

  15. Michael Wilson

    Thank jebus and dj's bald ass head you didn't let orion drive your car.

  16. Rawzy

    I know you get these comments ALOT, but recently my camera had R.I.P :/ but I really like this quality and wonder what setup you have on this camera