Hot Girl & Hot Cars: 911 Turbo vs Mercedes S550 vs Rally Car

Come with PressPassTV’s Michael Artsis in Joliet, Illinois at the Autobahn Country Club Race Track as they do a car comparison between a Subaru STI Rally …

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37 Responses

  1. TheLittlestRiceball5

    this is BORRING and these people are complete rubish! no info at all. ."which is going to be the fastest?" "i think the porche is going to do best on the 0-60 time." well duhh! a kid could tell u that.i'm suprised they didn't ask "hey what color do u think the cars are?" "i think it's white, no sandy white" and the mercedes is ruined by some idiotic nut head. it looks completely ridiculous and out of place with big chromed rims and all that junk. it's not a esclade.

  2. Chase Sanders

    did you not here them say it went from 0-60 in 3.60 seconds?

  3. SonjaTheBlond

    Stop killing people ! You and your fucking car!

  4. MoodyBoysRacing

    LOL at the one handed driving in the Porsche. Was that guy trying to autox or find a parking spot? These guys are tools

  5. dylan goldstein

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  6. 2007TypeR

    Car experts? Fucking stupid cunts. That s500 is a joke.

  7. LuisDi Greñas

    BS! subaru impreza has to be at least in 4.9! stock!

  8. schnitzelbeer

    severely boring… best part was the chick washing the car.

  9. Deepsouthwrx _

    dude doesn't know the difference between a subaru and a porsche

  10. Timur Migirov

    what a pointless test. these cars have nothing in common they're not built for the same purpose

  11. puebloman4

    WTF STi 0-60 in 7.8 yeah right its 4.7 This

  12. danny conte

    i never sed there wasnt but the 911 turbo seen in dis vid is fuckin fast and u sed it was crap its not my dad used to have a 71 911 s type shit was so nice

  13. danny conte

    i shuld fuckin slap u a 911 is fuckin nice its deffiantly not fucking crap u dont kno anything

  14. brocky

    6.8 seconds, 7.4 seconds, 4.9 seconds…. are they driving with their eyes closed?

  15. Fauxreale

    s550 looks horrendous.
    awful kit and awful wheels…not to mention the air suspension. Why not keept it stock and lower with a stiffer coilover? bad way to waste money.

    the other two cars are hot.

  16. Aiden Mackey

    the host guy seems that he knows NOTHING about cars!

  17. jbmop

    i don't even see the point in comparing the porche to those cars

  18. dookiebird

    They had a hard time finding the words they needed to express themselves properly. Captain Caveman would have communicated better. Shitty video. They had no clue of how to drive that STI either.

  19. kihun cha

    wow……………this review sucks ass. I'm sorry guys but seriously you guys suck at driving and why comparing mercedez that has 22inches of rims? those are show cars.. and how the hell did rally wrx have such a slow 7.4 sec..

  20. darius112

    I know these guys said there not professional drivers but these dudes suck. The way the Subaru took the course is just sad, and in an all-wheel drive car you launch that bitch. It is as easy as pie in that POS.

  21. Quickspear

    They only manage 4.9 in the Porsche and then they talk about it as if it did amazingly well.

    (also: stop outfitting proper cars with those awful rims and bodykits!)

  22. mampaka

    and they only managed 4.9 for the 911

  23. Chocha Gurl

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