Hot Wheels Drifting

TYOTOYS Drift Pad.

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46 Responses

  1. Migzy's videos

    Im gonna go try to make one with my own design BTW I SUBSCRIBED nice videos

  2. Christopher Green

    hey send me a rablica of that drift pad to my 2923 knox ave n minneapolis mn 55411

  3. Player Rog

    como que eles fazem essa curva ? How do they make that curve?

  4. Brandon Abrams

    Where can I find the ken block Ford Fiesta diecast. I checked amazon but it's so expensive.

  5. steven reeves

    0:30 I have that 12 car and the other car duty 1 of the 2 and it's green

  6. DAMN___ JESUS

    What is that your using to drift the cars,the black tape

  7. casturi affis

    can u share templates for make drift pad?

  8. XxManCubxX [IGN: SwordSwinger04]

    what do you use to make the cars drift because it is so cool i want to do it

  9. fazfrack 420

    I love it! Are they available in the U.K.? And can you use older heavier hot wheels on them?

  10. two gamers

    Esse cara deixa os carrinho virarem drifitero

  11. Daniel Jason

    It looks like those hot wheels commercials where the cars move on their own. Can this be done with Sizzlers?

  12. Spunky Bob

    my 2yo girl loves cars… I think I found my excuse 😉

  13. Omar AL Ahmad

    ع ععاليض7ح8ه6444211رظ. ذجقتض 2 ت ى 464990 من جديد 0 4عم 7 من 7هخ

  14. Tito Nogueira

    looking good. Wish we had some R/C Drift cars this size with a front one-way, enhanced steering angle and propo! 4wd

  15. L!F3 CHA!!G3R

    Hey TYOTOYS check out my hot wheels homemade drift track please, your amazing and I was inspired by you

  16. Minimals

    How could you make a hot w
    heels drift vid without da drift king???

  17. AESCULAPTORmark3

    If you extended the track and added another lil slope  you could get the cars to transition into another drift.

  18. Angela Moore

    Yo my friend saw the vid and he told me to tell you that he likes 1st gen rx7 and he has the same toyota ae86