How It’s Made – Rally Cars

Discovery and Science Channel’s How It’s Made Rally Cars episode. All copyrights go to their respective owners.

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48 Responses

  1. letsplayrally

    love it because it's short and straight forward unlike the other vids

  2. That Car Guy


  3. R4R45

    Why buy the original car if it is only going to be completely remade? Why not just build your own body if that's all that is left from the original?

  4. therealnightwriter

    11 pounds of paint? I call bulloney.

  5. Akos Kulcsar

    Fuckin Ken fuck's ride is there is too!!!

  6. BowWombat

    when i heard that roll bars make the handling i was thinking are u sure u got the correct type of rollbar

  7. Joshua Warr

    im pretty sure that if your in a roll over then that is classed as a crash

  8. Chris Weiler

    But its not 4wd. Its all wheel drive, and yes there is a difference.

  9. Konsta Tuomikoski

    Suomalaiskuskien auto, torilla tavataan

  10. Manish Niraula

    cost to transform the car into rally car like this..anyone can guess the total price of this car after completion

  11. Josiane Ravelonirina

    pause the video at 3:56 and look on the right

    i saw Ken Block's car!

  12. Eric Torres

    Im not so much building a rally car but I am turning my dodge challenger srt8 into a dedicated off road car lots of good tips here thanks for posting

  13. Maze Mynx

    who else here, is trying to build their own rally car?

  14. n3rdbear

    I learned something new from this video: 4-wheel transmission and rubber fuel tank. I'm so gonna get one for my FWD car. :]

  15. Daniel Isabelle

    How you turn a 20/30 thousand dollar car to a 200 thousand dollar car

  16. DarthPhotek

    It's not "rally racing". It is rallying. There's "rallying", and there's "racing". They're two separate things.

    Thank you.

  17. Gordon Wilson

    The company is called M-Sport, they build the Ford factory WRC cars, they're not too far from where I live.

  18. Suvil Jayaswin

    Did you guys made that compact makes the car 2 wheel drive car to a 4 wheel drive specialy desing to rally cars…… i mean light weighted ?……

  19. Leuel48Fan

    If literally the ONLY think similar to the stock road car is the body frame, why not build it from scratch? Or buy it off an assembly line pre-mature? I know its ironic that its called stock car racing, but it makes a lot of since NASCAR teams build their racecars from scratch since so much is different these days race vs road car.

  20. Neg Ative

    WOW! Seriously, every 5th comment reads "Ken Block's car at 3:58!!!" I'm assuming you guys are very young fanboys so I'm not talking shit here or anything (let me say that first)
    Listen guys, I think Ken Block is very entertaining also. He sets up and runs practice runs with props literally hundreds of times before he films his runs. They edit the footage so that shots from multiple takes are combined to provide the most exciting end result video – very much the same method film makers use to make movies. Very cool, very entertaining. But he's NOT a rally driver – he's an entertainer who sells products like Monster energy drink.
    Rally drivers run real courses on unprepared stages under real world conditions. If a deer runs out and destroys your car and possibly takes your life it's considered fair game and part of the challenge. If it starts raining while you're in the middle of a stage you suck it up and finish the stage and change your tires, etc. at the end as you setup for the next stage. This, and this is merely my opinion, is the only REAL racing in the world (and I'm an American – most of my fellow countrymen consider 1/4mile drag racing or oval track left hand turns all day to be "real racing").
    So no disrespect to Ken Block but what he does isn't even close to rally. The car makes and models just happen to be the same.
    BTW – How come none of you guys seem to remember the Toyota Celica WRC GT4 when your making your lists of all the sweet rally cars? At one time the Celica dominated rally and held the Pikes Peak Uphill Challenge Unlimited Class record for a decade (And he'll that record wasn't beaten until they mostly or completely paved the course – IMO that record will stand unbroken for all time because of this). Y'all Check out the Celica ST-165, St-185 and, my personal favorite, the ST-205! I think you'll dig it!

  21. mike v

    How much does it cost to buy or build one of these?

  22. Zaiyetz

    "Rear transmission" IT'S A DIFFERENTIAL YOU RETARD

  23. Xenophene01

    Why are these videos always 360p?  Seriously minimum 720p 

  24. racingbanana92

    i spy with my little eye Ken Block's Focus WRC

  25. jeff burbank

    i have to smile,,,i fit roll cages day in day out.solid car the mk7 fiesta.

  26. Ben Thompson

    It wouldn't surprise me if this video was made purely to piss off car enthusiasts!
    It seems like a professionally produced show but who ever proof read that script was a thick cunt! Even the bits unrelated to mechanical stuff was wack "they now lift the engine into the chassis" you couldn't have gone a more shit way off putting it if you tried, and that's a differential you penis!