How to drift*, by Ken Block – shredding tyres in the 845bhp Hoonicorn Mustang

Subscribe to the Autocar YouTube channel now: *”To be specific about it, that would be four-wheel-drive drifting…” (Now with added rally …

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32 Responses

  1. PharaØ GaMiNG

    So happy they played that shitty music so I can't hear the great top tuned V8 being maxed out… What we in Denmark calls Thanks for shit

  2. jared boulanger

    Damn I wish I had the money for a car like that or something with just 500hp so I could prove my skillz and get a sponsorship… I honestly beleive I could beat ken block… driving and controlling a vehicle realy is second nature to us who know how to drive… we dont think about what were doing we just do and make adjustments instantaneously as needed to do what we want with the vehicle… god I just wish I could get my self in front of the right people and show them who I am and what I can do… just some.nobody outa oklahoma would give ken block a run for his money… and probably put him to shame… just im too poor to ever get into rally car racing or formula drift ware I could show everyone up… and formula drift is a joke there is no skill to that… if you cant drift a car that has that much steering you dont need to be behind the wheel of a car…

  3. Roope Jyrkinen

    did he say at the end that ken is the best driver ? I´m not sure, but don´t get me wrong he is actually good driver.

  4. EndofDays213

    I think I do a better job showing you,
    Shall we do that?
    Blocks eyes open up

  5. Sacripentia -vlogs and gaming!

    Ok,you know the drill

    1.ken block
    6.flashlight(because it's lit)
    7.did you notice l skipped 5?
    8.i used a lowercase L for the I.
    9.i got a dig bick read that wrong.
    10.i skipped 10
    13.i skipped 12

  6. _Rapture_

    I really love the feedback from the guy at the end haha so true

  7. whiterice 324

    He literally does it so flawlessly with one hand …💀

  8. *** **

    Please don't add any background music while car driving scenes the sound of engine and rubber is real music for me. …

  9. Owl _

    Every kid that plays GTA V
    Have you ever seen a car named a fucking Tampon…ugh Tampa

  10. Nolan Fahey

    Lmao people are so amazed by exotics but really the motorsport world is so much cooler, f1 and rally cars always made me go crazy and ferraris and Lamborghinis are so generic most of the time

  11. Why?! not?! Awesomeness?!

    How to be Ken block

    1. Make sure your name is ken
    2. Always carry a block where ever you go

    There u go!!

  12. Mikkel Bastkjær Jørgensen

    The air scoop on Ken Blocks car should be mounted sideways.