How To Get Started Rallying Your Car — AFTER/DRIVE

You’ve watched a million rally videos. Now, learn how to start storming the woods. Team O’Neil’s Wyatt Knox and Broken Motorsports’ Bill Petrow get you started …

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28 Responses

  1. Matt Good

    Amazing video! So good to have someone to connect regular people to this kind of stuff

  2. Blazin Dragon

    that's awesome I'm from NH. I need to know where these really events happen. I'm a Huge fan of rally racing.

  3. casey360360

    I have a 1985 Subaru GL with full range 4wd, I'm thinking about turning that into a rally car. I have (2 machines short of) a full shop in my garage, and manage a full shop for work. May as well

  4. SenselessTuning

    can you guys do another video with a group of grassroots only rally people? As a grassroots guy the first 15 minutes or so gave me no info beyond pulling my abs fuse.

  5. Don Cankook

    You don't need a license to do a road rally. An SCCA license will get you a discount on the entry fee, but all you really need is a reliable, safe car, a good timepiece, and a navigator with an "iron constitution." Otherwise, you need to change your language; and start using the right nomenclature for what you call "rally" because you are discussing road racing, give real road rally a bad reputation, for being a high-speed event.

  6. Samuel Leave

    after/drive thank you very much for this video, it really help me getting started. meanwhile I have an 09 Sti hatchback all strip to the shell just because i can not fine an location for a FIA rollcage, and the engine is modified with an cobb acessport v3

  7. Josh Cressey

    So maybe dumb question but when they talk about the fiesta are they talking about the st

  8. Kasunga Mwimanzi

    I moved to usa a few months ago and i want to start a rally career. what state can i move to where i can be exposed to alot of rally opportunities?

  9. 15ironreaver

    Ya think an '03 Civic 5-speed (stock) would be a good beginner car? It has no ABS or traction control or really any driving assistance.

  10. James Cooper

    So can you go overkill with a roll cage, above and beyond. follow FIA WRC stuff and then hopefully when NASA or rally america changes things you are still qualified?

  11. The Wanderer

    Immersion is the best way to learn a language. So there you go.

  12. Alec White

    U kno, i liked these videos but i only learn about 20% from this and tge previous video……he keeps asking the same starter question and it feels like it doesnt progress much. And when they do, the host hits them with another, " what is the first thing new ppl need to do"….plz stop asking the same question, (worded differently). I really want to learn this stuff but its hard to take in bits and pieces.

  13. rampage the sneaky lil bitch

    do like me find your first gravel road and drive 5min get cocky and try to hit that last turn at 80km/h whit a fwd car and fall of the road

  14. dark partys

    Join your local SCCA and go to their events. That's how I learned. Free driving clinics and time trials. then participated in the amateur on road open course timing rally's. It doesn't need to be any more difficult than that. I used my daily driver 212k mi Honda accord when i first started..