How To Go Rally Racing On A Budget

Alex Lloyd tries his hand at rallying in a cheap B-Spec Honda Fit, on the same tree-lined gravel roads as Ken Block. But can a 117-hp rally car truly make for an …

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46 Responses

  1. Mike Connor

    lmao I got a WRX for 6k and he got a Honda fit for 10k what an idiot

  2. mgsboedmisodpc2

    at time 7:09 you did not stop to help your team mate yet someone help you when you were in a ditch in the dark

  3. Clara Massa

    I can't even afford one road car properly, and you're saying it's possible to have a second car. I haven't watched this. I hope no-one is saying use your only road car for racing – one off and you then need to pay a small fortune for a tow home and then repairs. Then you'll be on the bus or train to work or study or wherever the hell it is you go, getting taxis to the shops for your groceries until you fix your car.

  4. TheNorwegianGuy

    Push the gas then the accelerator then release the gas then go crazy doing donuts and stuff

  5. CJSchecter96

    8k for a fit? I wouldn't pay more than 5k on that especially knowing that you intend to thrash on it. I'd imagine any little fwd car with decent balance would suit.

  6. hernandimas44

    ahhhhhhhhhhhh fuck no get a old as subaru 2k. 👍👍👍

  7. F1 Mercedes Petronas

    to participate in a national championship or just a single race, like this guy……what is required? rally licence? etc.

  8. Adam Jasar

    wow make it more fun then that, that was 2 nerds nerding out. you could of vlogged the whole expeirience.

  9. freekuki

    absolutely ridicolous and misleading information in here

  10. lets go

    they mist
    *racing suits $100-$2000
    *rally helmet $200-$5000
    *fire extinguisher $40-$100
    *rally seats $400-$4000
    *car trailer $4000-$10000

  11. Jakub Wójcik

    But how do you get to be like Ken Block? Do they just pick you out if you're good and give you a sponsorship. I would really really want to become a rally driver but don't want to spend too much money on a car.

  12. ~Fenix

    I have a question. Does rallying, or just racing in general make you dizzy or sick or even makes you vomit? I'm thinking of inscribing myself on a race.


    for 10,000 you can get an awd Subaru wrx, and build it for another 2😂

  14. Oskier Gazowanykoń

    So, smiles on headlights are more important than visibility


    in Indonesia this used honda cost for an about 10330$ and this honda FWD but volvo s40t5 cost around 3290$ with AWD drivetrain i think i would choose the volvo for this

  16. Scrumpy YOS

    You could do a classic mini for cheaper, less power but more fun.

  17. Faveritz Akount

    I can't wait to see the look on my friends faces when I roll up in a Honda Fit. Lmao. I'm totally down, though.

  18. Awesome Dude

    lmao, get a cheap fwd car for like 1k, put 2k into parts. Good tires, good suspension, and boom, that's all you need to learn the basics.

  19. Does anyone from Google still care about youtube or is an autistic dog doing design for youtube now?

    > Budget.
    > Recommends 10k $ used car.

    For that money you can buy a car and another car with a trailer to carry your rally car to the race.

  20. rabitman3000

    What about an old Hyundai santa fa or Kia version? Both AWD with v6 and both cheap as chips

  21. Dat Person Doe.

    Cars I'd recommend:
    BMW E30 325i
    Mazda speed 3 (any generation)
    Any subaru WRX or a 1st gen legacy turbo
    An old AWD audi
    or really any FWD car that's under 1400 kilos (3000-ish lbs.)

  22. Mich Po

    Y did you spend 8g on a 2wd car? Any old subaru will blow that crap out of water

  23. paul Z

    so basically it's possible to join for $10k (cause I can find a better car for $2k)

  24. Chris Beckz

    Whenever people watch crash videos and think that they are cool ( I think they are cool af ) they don't really realize how devastating the crashes are for the driver because not only are they most likely going to lose the rally, it's a shit load of money to fix up there car or to buy a new one if they total it. rally is awesome and i hope to do it one day and I also wish that it as bigger in america than it is right now because i personally enjoy it more than any other motorsport.

  25. FrankypankyV8

    And there is some guy who joined a rally with a $500 car…jeez…. 😕

  26. Cecilio Tabor

    you don't need a 8k dollar car I'm gonna go with a modified ford escort zx2 2.0L anyone know what class that'll put the car in?

  27. Razor howl

    you could have got a subaru wrx for 8k easy a good one at that but that prob put you in a higher class

  28. August Curtis

    I guess he doesn't use Craigslist's. Alot of times you can find people who don't really rally or do any serious track racing instead most of the time they just sit and meet in empty parking lots. But you can find them selling older wrx's, 2.5rs, vw's, volvo 240's, and some audi's that already have a cage, seats, belts, and more but never really but them into use. For around 5-8k sometimes even cheaper. Will they pass inspection? Who knows. lol

  29. Jimmy Tyrone

    "Like Ken Bloke"
    Nope, not watching this.

    He's an entertainer, not a good rally driver.

  30. Phrancis5

    1:50 Wrong, that's actually 2012 Fit Sport. It's still the 2nd gen Fit, but the front valance was changed from the previous years.

  31. The Wanderer

    Pretty much anything would make a better car than a fit and there's way cheaper options.

  32. micah “mzbproductions” hart

    Don't you need some sort of license or certification for this????? I so how would a obtain one, I have been looking around and haven't found much..