How to make a career out of drifting / racing cars

I have been meaning to make this video on how to use youtube to create a career for yourself in drifting. Wanting to drift can be expensive, and some people …

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26 Responses

  1. Brendan Rice

    Thank you for sharing some of the behind the scenes. I love hearing your share your knowledge and experience. I'd love to hear more 🙂 What did you do before you got into the drift scene?

  2. Blanco Escondido

    You don't need 60 videos a year to grow your audience. If you want to build it quicker one way is to collaborate with people that have similar content as you whose subscribers are about 100K. Those people who see you in their videos will want to see what you're up to and sub to you. I'm sure you know this as well but for people who don't this is an idea

  3. Michael Hookano

    sponsors need to rock you out with tee's and hats (i remember you said you dont have the $ to buy all the tees but would love to do it). your BC Racing tee advertises the brand without being an eyesore or taking away from the content. i love it, i hope businesses realize how easy it is to legitimize their brands and gain $ without having to shovel consumers cheesy ads and spam. keep up the great work.

  4. umana93

    best drift/car content on youtube for sure, you def deserve more subs

  5. tobyadog

    Love how your willing to tell us how much the channel makes in ad rev. Not many people are willing to do that and it helps us put numbers to things and make big decisions :p

  6. Nick Mac

    Its really great how your take a direct approach to helping the grassroots drifting community. The more I watch the more exciting it gets. Looking forward to see what your doing next.

  7. tankd0g

    Imagine if drifters had to survive on winnings. Hert would be so skinny.

  8. MrMattyDucati

    Great Video! You should be a Media officer for a major company!

  9. TheRealTieLUR

    Props for always having the straight foreword attitude and opinion that is needed

  10. tired hero

    know how to be a millionaire drifting? be a billionaire!


    hopefully this channel will continue to grow and offset it's running cost

  12. C. Eugene Bates II

    Keep it up! You make awesome videos and make me want to move to Texas so I can drift with you guys. Thanks so much for your dedication and selflessness….please don't stop.

  13. forder84

    Hopefully more drivers will take the advice as i think you are spot on right in what you are saying, plus if they are drivers from the lonestar series for example, then with people like you (and your channel) they already potentially have a big audience as a boost to kick start them which a lot of others may not ever get that chance.

  14. Jordan Barragan

    Your channel deserves way more attention in my opinion, it's driver and novice friendly and it always such good content by far my favorite channel on here! Keep up the amazing work, hope to meet you someday!

  15. Paul Kennedy

    Great insight into what it takes to get good content out, I'd love to post vlogs but just wouldn't have the confidence to talk to a camera, us Irish are pretty camera shy, not too many Irish drifting vlogs so there could be an opportunity there.

  16. Rustyforty

    Awesome video, always coming out with great content! I agree with a lot of the stuff you said. Specially the amount of time it takes to edit the videos.