How To Make a Girl Fall in One WRC Stage

My first ever experience in a WRC car…and I am completely in love. Red Bull invited me down to a secret location in North Wales to try me out as co-pilot with …

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26 Responses

  1. Doug Stenning

    I'd like to think I'm a happy partner and father but….. I think I'd flirt with him as well!!! 😂😂

  2. aumkar chandan

    Massive respect to Sebastian. WRC is so wild and crazy.

  3. Adam Flockhart

    Great Video Beccy, people just dont understand how talented rally drivers are and how different the skill set and balls needed compared to other motorsports. Ive been lucky enough to sit beside a couple of WRC drivers and a few local level drivers and the feeling is incredible.
    When the car launches you think Phwoar this thing goes, then about 10-15 seconds in you get this weird feeling of "hang on this is getting a bit serious" then you go into the first corner like completely in the hands of god….then you feel the awesome grip these cars have and you settle down a bit and enjoy the ride………
    well at least thats what it was like for me


    another great video, audio was a bit weak though (especially during the interview itself)

  5. Pauly H

    You must be the only girl that doesn't mind her hair getting wet in the rain lol great video and your views are going up . well done lovely Becky x😉👍

  6. Ask Akerr

    Keep up the excellent work, you are right at the top of my must watch videos! Hope to see you smash the you tube thing…..

  7. Andreas Cederqvist

    F1 and WRC: the pinnacle of respective branches of motorsport. And everyone is just commenting on Becky… Go figure.
    Great video, keep up the good work.

  8. EnercikDeli

    i'm form izmir/turkey. I saw you in the Shmee for the first time last month… and I've been following you ever since :))) You are soooooo cute!.. Will you married me?¿ 🙂 <3

  9. Hlspwn's World

    Becky, you lucky, lucky, lucky ladie. I've only seen the top WRC cars flying past and they are bloody fast then. From the passenger seat OMG. Think you really understood how manoeuvrable these are in the right hands, could tell you were still floating at the end of the video. You are so down to earth, girl next door (meant as a compliment) and very easy to watch. You should so do more videos. The new VBH or UK Sabine Schmitz, come on TV people.

  10. JOSHUA

    I would love to see a video on the abarth 500. It looks so exciting

  11. Dan Wells

    What an opportunity, another excellent video too Becky 🙂

  12. PumpkinSmasher88

    Great video and insight Becky! Sounds like final cut is cutting out background noise which is why the sound might be slightly without depth – just a thought! 🙂

  13. Roger Bailey

    well done that you were invited by Red Bull, did it come just out of the blue ?

  14. Cephas Makuzva

    Great video +QueenB I'm so jealous what an awesome experience