How to make girls scream in a WRX STi rally car

Hot laps pasanger ride at The WRX Experience Gold Coast Australia.

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  1. Robert Towns

    We went, they have closed the business, as well as selling tickets after they know they were insolvent, they will not answer the phone (mobile turned off) and will NOT answer Emails.
    Shame on you Simon Elliott – Director and Tracey Elliott – General Manager.
    I was advised the staff were NOT HAPPY to be told to keep selling tickets after the bank called you to close you down.
    One day I'll find you and get my money I paid back.
    I'm not the only one either

  2. EndZiiel

    The sound of that sexy boxer engine purr on the gravel …home sweet home

  3. sulutkin

    Is that Richard Burns behind the wheel anyway R.I.P, he was great driver and wonderful personality. We have lots of masters of rally during decades here in Finland but have to give a respect also to Colin McRae and Richard Burns, Armin Shwarz and never to forget great estonian super star Marko Märtin which was awesome in Neste Rally in Finland, Jyväskylä.

  4. Peter HueHueHueHue (Peter Hui)

    I want to be that passenger's seatbelt~

  5. monsoonification

    i can think of other ways to make girls scream in a WRX STI ;)

  6. Mike

    No it's not Richard Burns it is obvious you don't know rally WRC

  7. Ian N

    @Lukeyy19 LHD and RHD cars gear shifts are the same. you just use a different arm to shift. all the peddles are the same too i believe. clutch left brake middle bass right.

  8. Ippon Power

    Damn… he was with headphones. Now he can't hear the sexy voice of the engine.

  9. qajobeqalam

    thanks for make me masturbating twice of that day. -.-

  10. Timur Michael

    @DivineDivider This is the fucking best coment i´ve ever read on youtube!!!!

  11. 50naku

    Bitch this is not a roller coaster and you are not a Gforce meter

  12. Kristoffer Olsen

    imagine how scared she would be if they rolled…

  13. /usr/friendly

    Couldn't they stop at just putting her in? I'd need new pants at that point.

  14. andrea sant

    even her husband didn't got those screams in bed 😛

  15. imnot tellingyou

    oh i thought it was a porno this titles misleading :(