Hyundai i20 WRC New Gen 2016 Sound – Dani Sordo at Monza Rally Show 2016

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23 Responses

  1. zpdlvmxkdns

    와 굉장하다..나도 저렇게 운전할수 있음 좋겠다..

  2. Albert Zion

    Bang Bang Bang nyaaaaaaaaaauuuu tac tac tac nyaaaaaaaauuuuu nyaaaaaaaaau

  3. Gab on Dirt

    holy hell the grip that thing has wtffff. can you see the way it pulls itself out of slides fuuuuck

  4. TimBo !

    Am I the only one who thinks that this car has rear wheel steering?

  5. リサイン ハツネ21234

    sordo sucks fucking turn whithout hitting every goddamn thing

  6. CJSchecter96

    How can people find rally boring? Go watch an in car shot and see if it's boring. I'll take these guys driving on the limit over F1 playing follow the leader any day of the week! Great video Bozzy!

  7. husaberg250 2t

    Se ero il papà di quel bambino io a sordo gli spaccavo la testa…a fare i fenomeni nei parcheggi sono buoni tutti…

  8. mobius CDXX

    . warming up the tires kinda more flaunting on how that thing could literally dance in place. the instant power output these things push out while being managable is incredible. like an f-15 fighter on wheels