Grab your #NoDingSquad JET TAGS here: https://www.primaldriven.com/collections/shop/evan-shanks? Today I introduce a very short-lived car to the channel.

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25 Responses

  1. zombiekiller2112

    IDK I have seen some crazy fancy Japanese rally cars thing looks like a POS

  2. ShadeShotGaming

    i want to see a weight reduction video where they are just going to town on the inside

  3. John Doe

    How many people actually thought that guy had a myllet

  4. Test Drive Blogs

    pls don't destroy that Dodge Raider so I can have it lol

  5. Chris Tuem

    the Motor must be worth more than the whole car…. 😀

  6. Nader S

    I don't understand when are you ever going to finish the freaking Lexus all this time you could of work on that car

  7. Alexis Francois

    deal full tunnel mpiwhl instruction jury should flat capital.

  8. Matty Rex

    How does Evan shanks not have as many subs as TJ

  9. Reco Trotman

    2020 : "So I bought my 20th car, rip garage space"

  10. Maxima Gang

    Who would ever make their car look like that and then sell it? I just gotta know what's going on in peoples heads lol

  11. Thewasteland

    you run the wrx on 91? Ewww that's our shit gas here in NZ. 98 pump gas was what I used in my old wrx

  12. Dylan Marteen

    Holy shit hahaha that long hair suits you well

  13. Mark Sluka

    my neighbor has the same z71 4×4 :)….. (Cadillac) in the same color lol