CHOP SHOP SHIRTS http://www.flipzco.bigcartel.com/product/tfyeah-chop-shop ] cut my car for the felony form over fenders. follow me on instagram …

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35 Responses

  1. Jason MIlls

    dude weld that metal you cut off in place of the rust, cut the fucken rust out

  2. 240sxguy

    I dont really know much about what you're doing but everyone else is talking shit so clears throat dude you're so dumb you should have cut the slots half a millimeter skinnier. ruined the entire car may as well junk it. lmao love the vids man

  3. Blake Smith

    With that hair and outfit Grant looks like a homeless, red haired, G-easy

  4. Ryan S.

    i bought one black and one grey. ordered today. when do they get shipped put my dude?

  5. Vinny T.Lopez

    I think the people who bought the first shirt should get theirs shipped out first.

  6. RPS13DRlFT

    take the ride height adjustment out completely in the rear, gutted e36s sit way too high up

  7. Possum Jenkins

    grant looks like such a fuckboy, its awesome

  8. FixxxerKH202

    I know this is a drift car but fuck man those fiberglass over-fenders always come out so hack. I wish the drift scene would catch on to welding real steel to their cars and doing it the proper old school way.

  9. Kieran Whoriskey

    Grit got hipster hair, Dan's life went to hell

  10. Alex P

    I love the shirt, just wish it wasn't the price of a heavy sweatshirt.

  11. KDcars

    Not sure if you will see this Tommy but just a little advice I'd treat that rust on the rear qtr with a neutralizer knowing we live in the rust belt it will only get worse especially if you cover it with an over fender, just offering some advice not trying to say I know it all

  12. Deutschehordenelite

    you where latex gloves when cutting metal and grabbing it? :'D

  13. Deutschehordenelite

    is Grant in the Gentlemen's Club? 😛

  14. Honda Game

    that cat hoody is pretty cool. where did you get it?

  15. someone28

    In this episode we see Mr. Yeah wearing the Santa Cruz hoodie for the 3rd day in a row.

  16. Lethal Snipes

    tbh i called the kent shop a chop shop the first time rudnick posted a video of it

  17. MrSir

    not careful for your fingers? get a shield for that angle grinder or change the tool to something else.

  18. Bryan Zichterman

    The rear is taller than stock! Lol. Also, with threaded shock bodies, the shock is really what sets the height. The spring perch is just there to match the shock height and add preload if desired. Found that out installing my BWS coils.