I get to TEST DRIVE my new FORMULA DRIFT CAR! BC Racing’s “DeNofa’s Got A New Ride”

Video brought to you by BC Racing! THIS IS THE DAY I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR!!! I have been drifting for 13 years and I finally got a ride in a winning team in …

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34 Responses

  1. BensImports

    im just glad and super excited chelsea got a dependable ride exceeded my expectations cant wait for FD 2017!!!

  2. Simplistic proformance

    super stoked that Chelsea got a good drift set up, im excited for this season of FD. but i gotta know the song used in this video, does anyone know it!!!!!

  3. Strictly Sideways

    That outside wheel lifting up is soo gangster. dude I'm so amped to see you with NITTO bro. YOURE MAKING IT MORE THAN EVER NOW

  4. JAY DAV

    Hey Chelsea, big fan. Im also kind of wondering the same as richard fuller. While in mid drift, the wheel comes up because you're foot braking!? Also, it looks like the airborne wheel is fluttering a bit, is that bad?

  5. Matthew Sutton

    So now there's three people in the entire world that don't hit trees or crowds of people with Mustangs? Nice! Haha

  6. David HL

    It'd be great to see Yours and Vaughn's cars go up against Deane's and Wiecek's cars

  7. MockALove

    amazing! hopefully it's more reliable than your last bimmer

  8. Lawn Chair

    Gittin it with that three wheel action 🙌🏼 also get it "Gittin?" Haaa I amuse myself. Can't wait to see you get ROWDY and kill at Long Beach in a week. Let's make this Long Beach Run similar to last years shall we? Take home that championship this year too! I'm rooting for the rowdy!

  9. tired hero

    every thing is going to change this year! good luck dude can not wait to see you on top

  10. DoZeR Pb

    Nice! Good Luck this season, awesome to see you driving something that can handle whatever you throw at it! 💪

  11. Tommy Bueno

    Nooo! Why Ford! BMW it's more interesting than Ford, for my opinion and respect to Ford lovers.

  12. Dr Drifts Adventures

    Now I get why lonestar was always giving you shiz over mustang jokes in last few vids….Hint bombing for a while if you listen to the snide jokes he was saying… Awesome car though would of loved you stay with bmw but I guess as a pro reliability was better with this choice!

  13. T Mac

    Super excited to see you rip through the FD field with this beast. Kick ass dude !!!

  14. TheKingie07

    Big ups on the new hookups there, looking forward to seeing what you can do when your car stays together. As a fellow E46'er sad to not be seeing it but understand the needs of a solid team. Good luck and look forward to seeing all the content.

  15. Tyler Hutchison

    I'm pumped and stoked to see you rip in this thing. It'll be great to see what you can do this year with this team. Stay Rad.

  16. Boost V8 chevy

    Denofa. Talk to me. I need to know your opinion. Will you stick with American or european car?I saw you on three and two wheels very quick. How much Hp and what is the Diff ratio?

  17. MadB0mber Gaming

    I'm hype for you. Good car and good team. Now Let's watch those wins stack up.

  18. livesone

    iv been following you for a while dude, im very excited to see you making some big moves!

  19. Stefan Åhlander

    Unfollow deluxe…
    German cars ftw! ( even an jdm would have been Awesome…) bye!

  20. CJ McKAY

    No more bimmer lol I saw this car and thought it was Vaughn gittys