Ice Driving in 911 Rally Cars – /CHRIS HARRIS ON CARS

Ask me what I’d do with my last gallon of fuel and this is it- go skid around on a frozen lake for a day. The best fun you can have in a car.

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  1. AR 97

    Alien tire technology that is carcinogenic and illegal! Awesome.

  2. TopSecretVid

    iDrive..well back in the day all cars were rear wheels drive and guess what, we all did fine! The old Beetles have the same layout and I have to day my '72 convertible was unstoppable in the snow, seriously!

  3. Joshua Marsh

    How does this video have so few views, I probably watch it every 3 weeks or so.Superb

  4. JC B

    Porsche dominates everything snow, tar, dirt, mud everything!!!

  5. RA30st08

    Real money? No, give us the answer in fake money please. 

  6. Violetta

    Over here in the 'States, I live in the hilltowns of NY and a nearby lake is frozen over this time of year. These guys use flooding of the lake and some construction equipment to set up ice racing for dirtbikes and snowmobiles. But I've recently taken out my daily driver; a 2005 Sonata V6 and it was such a blast. Yeah it's a FWD sedan but with 'tunes blasting and e-brake drifting it's really something else. The lake is overlooked by a popular restaurant too so it's cool to give people something different to watch.

  7. René Broné ® International The World of Sports

    Bravo: 'Great Racing on 'Ice' Again in Sweden! – Cheers & 'Happy New Year!' René 🙂

  8. Amer Huba

    Somehow feels wrong to have such a pro ice driving machinery in Sweden but they are not old rwd Volvos :/

  9. colin5577

    If this kind of car-control exercise is, amongst those with a bit of petrol in their veins, recognised as the best sort of fun to be had in a car, and if sportscars are built ostensibly for petrolheads, then why is it nigh on impossible to find a sportscar without a semi(read full)-automatic transmission and at least three different forms of traction-control/anti-skid/anti-yaw/power-management aid on board?

    In the same way that local Italian magistrates are able to post 'no fat chicks' signs on their beaches, could we have Lotus/Ferrari/Porsche delaers try a 'no muppets' campaign? Not that it would stop them, I guess. It's why muppets want those cars to start with. I just wish there weren't so many of them that the rest of us are left with our favourite cars dumbed down and diminished to suit that lowest common denominator.

    Anyway. Great vid. Definitely want to try this soon.

  10. ricksponsible

    Chris Harris, you are my favorite. WAY better than any other test driver, a talent for describing driving dynamic.

  11. AR1G3

    I actually found the chat about the studded tires quite interesting…

  12. Greg Guille

    Yes Very nice!  I have a 1984 Porsche 3.2 Carrera, of my own and I love driving it when ever I get the chance. I think the cost of doing a day with these wouldn't be in my price bracket!

  13. music4lyfe

    What happens if the ice breaks and you get swallowed up by the waters below…?

  14. Nor Wester

    This looks like SO much fin.  I can see the Rear-engine lay-out being an ADVANTAGE here in these conditions too as he's able to just pendulum it around at will and that rear tire weight really does something here as well.  Brilliant fun and Sweden looks to be SUCH a great place… Met a LOT of Swedes (SKOL Tami faarn!!!- or however you spell it-) in Australia of all places and I;m just dying to get up and see that part of the world.

    The studs are likely Ti for not only were resistance compared to "civvy" Alu studs, but for corrosion resistance when they;re drying out too (not imaging they use much salt on the roads but who knows) and the tire tread design is a HUGE factor too, those "voids" that he's asking about eject snow and don't pack up.  I'm inter rested to hear his say "they're too wide" though as they look fairly narrow which is what you want for everyday driving in normal conditions to get the tires down to something to bit on.  WIDE tires are really only good for float and taking PSI off the contact patch (in the snow and mud).  It;s funny cause a LOT of the same tech goes into making good muddng tires for 4wd's where collection of the mod on the tread block means reduced traction.  The long "channels" he's talking about are to clear standing water and snow from he contact surface of those "alternating" tread blocks.

    All season (read heavily sipped) "winter" tires alone do SO MUCH for a car in the snow as well as tire compound that I wasn't surprised when he pointed out the truly "magical" tires as it were..  My "Rally-prep inspired" Fox Wolfsburg took me up and down Mt. hood for 2 years of "ski bum" life/work and were almost better then when I put on chains in terms of grip and control.  That little FWD VW did better then most 4wds on the hill, largely down to driver confidence, but it was just magical with those tires on it… 

  15. posro1988

    warming those babies up must be a tiring  job at -17 😀

  16. Mattyew

    I have driven like this in Canadian Forests with side by side cars and it is unbelievable fun!  You feel like a rally driver, just watch out for trees

  17. Serveck

    snowy parking lots now have a club here in maine. with a competition to see who can bend more rear swingarms.

  18. monkeyboy866

    Does anyone have any information about those Pirellis that are discontinued because of it's harmful nature?

  19. Mateus Henrique Pienta Fagundes

    Now I have to do this. Awesome video.

  20. 79porsche911sc

    If it doesnt snow again this winter, I sell the ski-doo for a set of those studded tires for my SC

  21. Adam Mooney

    It was a serious missed opportunity not to name this episode "Chris Harris on ice" 😛

  22. yumanai

    lol what do you think he meant to say. I think he's talking about a rapper as in, someone who raps.