imitation drag race for BMW M3 RC

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31 Responses

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    but it didn't hit v-tec : (
    xD lol

  3. SoloStrikOut24 Gaming

    Almost 10 million views just for this !!?!?

  4. XxDonutshooterxX

    It looks like a guy inside raceing

  5. ศุภรส จิณะบุตร


  6. Blazze93

    This, but with a green treadmill(just the outside keep the moving part gray so it looks like a road) in a green room, so you can add a cool background and have it look real

  7. Resteip

    That spoiler is definitely going to help the car lol

  8. jayjaylen75

    9 million views? This is some bullshit man!

  9. Jason .C

    Hey that's what i used to do with my cars! Oh, i miss those days.