Import Drag Racing – Street Car Competition – IMSCC 2013

Watch the cars on the dyno: Watch the autocross and final events: …

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40 Responses

  1. ElristuMiata

    hey guys are we going to ignore the fact that the Honda Civic put up better numbers than a freaking Toyota Supra

  2. Andrew Barrie

    awful video – cut the music bro – can't hear the cars

  3. Elna Oneill

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  4. Mitchell Mortenson

    Is anybody else noticing the r34 currently there are none registered the the us

  5. ihateliberals

    kill the shit "music" if I wanted to listen to jungle music i'd hang out wit da homies! I want to hear the engines!!

  6. boxa266

    coudnt see the time on most car finishes? most important in drag to the editor

  7. RapidFire Muzik™ (DVK)

    12.002 is flippin GOOD for a classic age VR4!!!

  8. abovelawl

    that galant is beautiful, and whats with the 15sec wrx tho lol

  9. Elving Lindqvist

    Why so loud music when the car is the main action?

  10. cxbra

    That Galant VR4 was sexy, same with the S13! I thought the VR4 was a Sentra se-r turbo. They are heavy as hell, but I like how rare they are.

  11. ImportMeet

    If you're on a mobile device, watch it in the link in the description.

  12. Ryan Shultz

    This video doesn't work. Says it contains like some copy write music and is banned in my country. United States