Import Vs Domestic vs Super Cars racing 1/4 mile drag race at SlipStream Racing event.

visit Import Vs Domestic vs Super Cars 1/4 mile drag race at SlipStream Racing event.

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20 Responses

  1. clebervic

    its funny how these expensive cars can't hit 10 seconds, yet 5000$ Honda's can.

  2. TheAlexLilAlex

    First drag race=worst gtr driver ever

  3. Malie

    Finally a true Import vs muscle video (and Euro)…. i was tired of seeing civics go up against vettes, stangs, camaros, challengers, chargers.

  4. Rodolfo Kennis

    The growl on those vettes is so sexy..😭

  5. Tomasz Rzeznik

    Lol owner of thar camaro ss at 1:14 must spit into his own face thinking why didnt i buy porsh

  6. wade thomas

    I can definitely tell these peo Pl email have more money and skill…

  7. ihateliberals

    going from a roll at a drag strip!!!!???? wtf?

  8. ihateliberals

    so an r8 costs what? 100,000$ is mid engine, rwd with a v8, or v10 (I don't remember which) and turned a 12'48!!!??? hell that's not a whole lot quicker than a stock fifth gen prelude, or an Integra!! a 30,000$ Honda prelude when it was new turned 15'6 bone stock. so you could take a Honda,( or other import) for 30,000 max. put 20,0000 into it, and be able to beat that time, and still have enough money left over to take your friends out to dinner, and buy a used pick-up to use as a parts getter. I've been a fan of the newer Audi's ever since they came out with Quattro…..but this is just sad

  9. Itsallgood9000

    Nice cars but pussy starts and rt errors all over the place

  10. AKayZ nineone

    First two minutes only a couple guys know how to drive haha

  11. Tim Schwelgin

    3:24 is a highly soughy after toyota supra and 5:30 is a early model eclipse

  12. Lights-Guns-Outdoors

    Finally!! Someone that can actually drive a Mustang. The last race.

  13. Liquidizings

    I refuse to believe that the GTR isn't considered a super car. Lol.