Impossible Climb – Belgium – Andler / Schönberg

Don’t forget SUBSCRIBE Here’s the video for the 11th Edition of the Hill Climbing …

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47 Responses

  1. 348frank348

    that thumbnail got you your 28 million views, motherfucker

  2. kamal haasan

    waste assholes..only west has such stupid games ..jus money..and dumb shit tools..and they die. lol

  3. JN 70

    Reason why people watch this because they like seeing other people get hurt lol

  4. Иван Иванов

    У меня аж душа кровью обливается, когда вижу, как бедные эндурки бьются((

  5. Aku Sang Melodis

    balapan goblok, yaa jelas gk bisa lah mau finish medan nya batu2, makin nanjak pula?? coba kalau medan pasir smpek finish

  6. King David

    in the interest of the investment, why not have a small winch that is high speed at least save the bike?

  7. marmelaki

    To save you the trouble, no one actually makes it completely over the top, but the last guy in the video lets his bike "fly" the closest.

  8. Cristian Gabriel Suarez Villatoro

    no tienen que dejar de acelerar porque sino te detienes xd.

  9. Mauricio Davila Rojas

    el peor deporte del mundo pobres motos si tuvieran lógica se daria de cuenta que empezando subir las rocas hay un desnivel y siempre van a saltar por eso les queda tan díficil pero solo digo pobres motos

  10. Влад Жогел

    попытка на убийство японских мотиков

  11. Wellington Oliveira

    mais é cada tombo que esses caras levam, vai gostar de cair kkkkk

  12. Серёга Улан

    дибилы хD только технику въебали…

  13. Ron Winter

    SO…three absolute requirements for being an entrant in this race: (1) a total disregard for personal safety, (2) excellent health insurance, and (3) either a desire to destroy your bike or you're using your soon-to-be ex-friends bike. PS…that was me at 1:43, entrant #10.

  14. Илья Вакарчук

    Я бы назвал ролик "шоу долбоёбов"

  15. Ghosty

    die armen motoräder ey die fahrer gehen da hin und wissen du wirst dein bike schrrotten XD

  16. ericardo bermejo

    People didnt pay to see someone win this contest, people pay to see someones bike or head or bones is crushed