Insane Mud Race – Spain Motocross GP MX2 2008

Extreme Mud Riding and Chaos from the 2008 Spanish GP. Running Order: MX2 Practice in the Dry followed by Moto1in the Mud then the KTM boys dealing …

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42 Responses

  1. Mocking69

    めちゃめちゃ激しいドロ沼レース!! それでも上ってる人いるから凄いですね♪

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  4. Saa45MIV

    This looks more like hard enduro than mx, if you finish your on the podium.

  5. Ty Reeves

    Rain or shine. Ride don't whine. The rougher the track the more u attack.

  6. 佛佛佛

    Horus Birthday
    Mithra Birthday

  7. Valoryze

    Yo! Love your work! You have some serious talent. Maybe we could collaborate some time. Let me know if you think our styles would work well together.

  8. Jamie Criddle

    whats a decent starter bike? reliable and relatively cheap (£1000-£1500)

  9. theodore smith

    this isn't motocross; it's a media driven theater with ridiculous music; an embarrassment to those of us who rode. Pitiful and moronic

  10. Storm Hodgson

    these guys are athletes, mad skills and determination … respect!

  11. scott knox

    What happened to good MX music like White Zombie? This shit music is an attempt for "Something new" but its total CRAP.

  12. Spike Spikus

    I hate riding in the wet the feeling of taking off wet gear is horrible because it is so hard to get off