TRC hit the streets of atlanta with a group of insanely fast cars. The group featured a 1900whp Twin Turbo Gallardo(Underground Racing), 1400whp GTR, …

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31 Responses

  1. Ives the terrible

    I double checked if my glass of water had tequila in it.. guess I was wrong I saw what I saw at 0:11

  2. Javier Martinez

    Bike is always going to win because it's lighter

  3. YaBoiScoots

    You call rolls street racing? What a bunch of chumps

  4. Brian Wood

    yall niggas racing off my exit and nobody hits me up. sheeeeeeit

  5. Northern Rider

    watching a car accelerate faster than bikes is insane

  6. Bentley Bentayga

    I got broads in Atlanta

    Sorry Il see myself out…

  7. MrSphinxcanada

    1900HP Lambo??? what addons does it have to have that much HP ? I never saw a Lambo with that much HP I've driven a lambo Gallardo LP550 2 just curious :-)

  8. Chris Wood

    my dicks….hard. Send your girl over 2 finish what this video started (-; good day, sir

  9. death knight

    Why he race a corvette from 0 wtf is 2 wheel drive stupid GTR 😂

  10. Nasty Pete

    Shifting the the gears and taking off is such a high

  11. Raymond Chadwick

    this isn't insane street racing its just highway drags no corners very little traffic kanjo racing is insane this is fast cars but not insane in the slightest

  12. LegacyReBorn Buckner

    these cars do not have 1000+ horse power. stop fucking false advertising

  13. GEo Geo

    What happened to your posts? You used to post often and now I'm stuck with watching 1320videos ):

  14. ramsey144

    3:50 is that v8 or what? It sounds like a train horn can someone tell me what car that is making rage sound

  15. Devon Owens

    that 4 min video with that GTR beating that Zx14, IS NOT HAPPENING if that rider is good, Not on a straight away like that at least. That rider drops into 2nd gear to start and there is no way in hell that car is catching up. I have been with too many groups that had some Zx14's in them and especially to see those 14's do things to other cars and bikes to ever think anything other… THere are cars that can beat it dont get me wrong, but not in those conditions and not those cars specifically.

  16. mrhollerman 1988

    funny they say the gtr has 1000hp like the vette then say the gtr has 1400hp lol 400hp more to barely beat a 1000hp vette lmao

  17. Slippschitts Hey

    Idiots driving fossil fuel cars .contributing to global warming. Only stupid republicans would do this.

  18. xavier415

    Holy shit man, those cars are retarded fast. To be able to pass up a ZX10 like that, shiiit. Good stuff.

  19. Jarred Jones

    yes people in Atl are assholes… also people that live downtown aren't even from Georgia… the real racing is off Moreland Avenue with the 140 hp civic hatchbacks 350 notch back mustangs and 3rd gen f bodies…. I've never seen or heard of any 1000 + " lambo " corvette anything street legal riding around ever

  20. Shoua Yang

    +120 and then when a deer jumps in front BOOM DEAD BOTH HAHA