Inside Thierry Neuville’s WRC Car | Pole Position

Thierry Neuville takes Pole Position’s Rosanna Tennant for a tour inside his Qatar M-Sport WRC car. Make sure you subscribe for more!

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18 Responses

  1. Austin-C Media

    I am building a Mini Cooper Rally/Challenge series car now. its coming along well. a lot faster than we had expected

  2. AJsfree2toke

    I am more than able to drive a rally car. It is my dream and i am very capable of doing so.

  3. eamoman651

    @ArneDelhaye yeah but shes is talking pure shite..

  4. Hymer300

    Here´s an older but more informative video


    Of course some things have changed since 2006 like the stickshift instead of paddleshifter

  5. SuperPasquale76

    I luv this british Accent from this beautyful Women… Go On Thierry!!!

  6. Richard Culley

    I think Rosanna really makes this video, she seems really engaged and very pretty.

  7. Steve McIlroy

    How did she get that job, is she the producers granddaughter? she's clueless, its embarrassing! If your considering a comment in support of her, remember, she wont automatically become your best friend, so don't bother.

  8. Vanellope SSAC

    Thierry es un guapo, guapo, mamón pero guapo!! y es muy bueno el muchacho junto con Nico, pronto serán los favoritos!!

  9. Vanellope SSAC

    6 o 7 Campeonatos no es fácil de superar, pero si anda muy bien Ogier

  10. DR

    Thank you for answering ! Don't get me wrong, you're doing a really great job, and I really appreciate that you listen to your viewers as well, its really great ! I can't wait for your next video and wish you great fun in Sweden ! Don't catch a cold there 😉

  11. Pole Position Motorsport

    Thanks for your comment – I'm hoping to be at Rally Sweden so will definitely try and ask these questions then. Really appreciate your feedback – I know it'll help us make our content better for you. RT

  12. DR

    Just a shame the discussion was what you can hear on other coverage than on the car itself. Why not having gone through more details of the car like what the co-driver has access to in the car, or what the driver is doing when he's arriving to the start of a special stage, and so on.

  13. Pole Position Motorsport

    Thanks for the comment and subscribing. Great to have a fellow rally fan onboard. It's been a crazy week here in Monte Carlo for us and can't wait for the rest of the season. Do you think Ogier is the one to replace Loeb? He's looking pretty quick.

  14. MR2Fast2Catch

    Thanks for the great WRC coverage! Just subscribed to your channel. Keep the WRC videos coming!