IRAN – Persian women who love speed (Rally race)

It seems men are more into cars and driving than women. Even among children, you hardly ever see a girl playing with cars. But they do. Watch Live: …

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9 Responses

  1. Corrado VRz (CorradoVR6z)

    This was great, happy to see people having fun racing cars. :)

  2. Micheal Jackson

    These cars are shit . Stop acting like you care about women Iran

  3. dolphin61wolf

    I like press TV but I hates comments section since is flooded with Arabs , Pakistani , Somali and Bengali ,they think Iran is part of them .
    Islam is a faith and it is not race or nationality , Iran is much closer to central Asian , Kurds , Turkey , Azery and Armenian than Arabs or south Asians .

  4. dolphin61wolf

    I truly love this presenter (Reza) he is very funny and friendly without attitude .
    My god , those Iranian women are very good looking .
    Just hope that Iran will never ever open its relationship with Saudi and Persian gulf sheikdoms.
    We don't want anything to do with them ,they will steal this female car racers and will labeled them as Muslims car racer and will posted on social media ,same story about Iranian achievements in science ,art , music and sports and sold it as Islam golden age ,such as Avicenna , Razi,kharazmi and Omar khyamme .

  5. Richard Martin

    We see more of them , now that sanctions have been removed . They should never have been hidden .

  6. BlackbeardP

    White man say; "you still will be liberated, very soon". "We want to see Tranny racers" "Your men are not wearing enough makeup and your wives aren't fucking enough other men"

  7. reg83ny

    A Saudi is watching this and having a heart attack pissed off lol.

  8. Set the Nemesis

    Strap some bombs and drive towards Isrealhell jk jk Sweet video