#ItsShowtime: Introducing the 2017 Riders

Take a look at the leathers & liveries of the full 2017 rider line-up during the customary start of season photo shoot in Qatar. Visit The Official Website: …

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47 Responses

  1. Mefiles01

    Wow, can't believe I just saw that.. That was bloody brilliant. I came twice.

  2. Maher ShalalHasyBas

    Marq Marquez is the Best Rider between all of the riders !!

  3. Themayseffect

    formula one surely can learn a thing or two from MotoGP promotional team!

  4. Máté Ágoston

    Cool, now bring MotoGP to humanic TV channels like EuroSport in most countries instead of no name channels! If WSBK and FIM EWC can afford it, then MotoGP could afford it twice!

  5. The Internet

    How is Vinales and Pedrosa put in the top and Dovizioso is left out? Hahaha

  6. igor04pl

    2016 and 2015 were much, much better than this… with music and background :/

  7. FutureCars

    Good editing probably hired someone new (good job) motogp

  8. Vivíparo Placentario

    ===MM93===>>> .

  9. Fathan Ajja

    that's a lot of different introduction than last year