Japan : Street Life メイハムメディア Street drifting illegal -maiham-media.com

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/directorlukeh Instagram : @directorlukeh 日本のストリートドリフト。 Every weekend dedicated groups of automotive …

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34 Responses

  1. Gabrielle Lacerna

    i get tingles all over when i see drifting and that tire screeching,music to my ears.

  2. xGodspeedz

    Japan only nation who don't have ricers but hentai…..

  3. PJ Maglasang

    Heyy man,

    Is it okay to use some of your footage? I'll credit you and all


    16 year olds and bearded hipster douches all over the world loving this video. lol what a dumb fucking style Jesus Christ your worst than the Mexicans and their AutoZone Flame decals and fake, chrome side grills


    yellow is better than white

  6. Kanzen Cheung

    A real ear piercing sound from Japan 👏👏👏👏👏

  7. Fucking jalo Dont fucking use my account bitch

    proud to be japanese my brother can drift :/ he said he will teach me when i become 20 im excited 😊😝

  8. TheX MahDi•47

    Initial D irl movie cast? I think so

  9. JJ's Automotive

    What is the intro tune called? I have been wanting to find out what it is since the first /DRIVE Koenigsegg video.

  10. Intersella 5555

    is it me or is the drift scene dying out?

  11. JaydenDivision


  12. Intelligent horse

    The cool thing is that their country makes those cars. Something to be proud of when driving those cars! Nice job Japan! 🇯🇵

  13. Fenton Reese

    you guys are awsome,one for sankaku ,one for Paul Walker, one for the fast and the furious,pucker up here come The Quik And The Dead…