Japanese Race Car Drifting

Cool drifting between two cars.

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  1. NuclearHeadshot

    HAHAHAH Seriously, the Commentators…. It's like they're watching the race of their lives! (if you can call it that, as it's based on a jurys score system) like, they're obviously pros, but… Is it THAT good? xD

  2. Abdullah Saad


    Look at this video of a simple man and you will know professionalism

    This is part and a small sample of young Saudi Arabia

    That this is the speed of 240 km 220 km

    See this link:



    @krnz3 they sit on other side of car, so shift stick is left side of driver, not right side like in my car.


    i wonder whats its like to drive a left sided standard tranny.

  5. withmorten2

    no, not really … that definetely doesnt sound like german … but it sounds funny though 😀