Join the action and take part in the 2017 MotoGP eSport Championship!

Exclusive to SONY PlayStation® 4 , the MotoGP™ eSport Championship will provide a direct link to real life racing with seven online events in a time trial format.

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37 Responses

  1. Hell Blast

    J'espère que l'IA est plus forte que sur MotoGP15 car je gagne facilement en réaliste sans aucune aide ( comme pour tous les jeux milestone en fait ).

  2. Hell Blast

    Ce jeu ne ressemble-t-il pas ÉNORMÉMENT aux précédents ?

  3. Joel C

    In the Rossi game, I set times which were inside the top 5 in every race track, I feel like I needed a challenge so this should be good fun!!!! Thank you for the opportunity

  4. mafiahalo93

    look like a shitty game that not gonna make money since it only ps4

  5. no-game Gamer

    This is not on PC, because people use cheats on PC.

  6. R3NTZ

    Why are they showing MotoGP 14 gameplay? Oh wait…

  7. Matteo Roda

    oh fuck it i have MotoGp15 on the xbox 360… sadness

  8. นพดล โปร่งสันเทียะ

    for pc ?

  9. krishna 222

    hello guys its not game from 2020.motogp bikes doesnt run on fuel……every bike is going to ELECTRIC….zero emmision championship race…….its new electric ERA….

  10. Fede e Fili Gamers

    FANTASTIC game congratulacion😀👍🏼👏🏼

  11. AzKillerZ Malaya

    please create a game for android too… huhuhu

  12. MotoGP Italian Riders

    Our riders are ready! Let's go MiR!

  13. Tayfun Türkmen

    Another milestone last century game.

  14. Toby Howard

    Future is in your hands I think it should be

  15. Priywat Thomrhong

    ต้องชื้อ แบบนี้

  16. Soap Gaming

    Oh not even for PC gamers! I could have made videos on it !