Kawasaki H2 vs Nissan GTR Drag Race

Kawasaki invited us to race, then they told us it would be the H2 vs a GTR!

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29 Responses

  1. salvatore DeAngelo

    I tear them Boys up on my Boss Hoss with the 454 V8

  2. Justin Collins

    The only car i believe that would beat it would be a rolling start against a Hennessy Venom GT

  3. Barry Jones

    The Kawasaki H2 is a three cylinder 2 stroke from the 1970s.

  4. Clint Nahina

    So many bumps on the road with the bikers head bobbin for each pass. Lol

  5. Ricardo Ellison

    "I've had the car for four years"……Yeah?, & how many engines, turbos & trannies have you gone thru in that amount of time?

  6. j corvett

    its bike, wtf did you expect? lol but the GTR is still one of the quickest and fastest production cars sold, in the lower price range.

  7. Erik Varga

    GUYS! GUUUUYS!!! pls this is a stock vs stock…sure there is a 2500hp gtr what beat this bike and also peobably have a same kawasaki what beat that gtr. sure the bike win cause lighter and aerodynamics are much better on it (and ofc is a beast bike 🙂 )

  8. BiodegradeableMan

    @4:30 they actually state its an H2R and you can tell by the green decals, so its a non road machine with 300bhp.

  9. JoeyandLindsay

    Still don't understand why they allow spectators to stand so closely to vehicles doing 140mph…

  10. Fizzy Elf

    Put the weight on the bike. Let's see what your bike can do.

  11. Apel apex

    Mas são uns paga pau da h2 né? bota o godzila do lado de novo , v6 sabem que ele pega , ja tem video para provar kkkkkk

  12. Raaj.R MOTOVlogs

    the driver for the GTR was surely shit..didnt even bother racing properly

  13. jötå “ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ” Rz Rz

    jaja me salio hola mauricio de publicidad :v

  14. RainzXEmma

    if the gtr used launch control it would have won no problem