Kawasaki H2r vs suzuki motogp bike in Isle of man TT

Amazing footage of the kawzaki h2r and a suzuki moto gp bike. Both are screaming around the insane isle of man mountain course.

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34 Responses

  1. Francis Revil

    its always the rider and not the bike.. everyone would agree, i guess..

  2. Alan Alves

    Fiquei mais tempo vendo o tubarao dançando do que as motos kkk

  3. Sean Waller

    Stupid comparison like saying who would win outa viper str or f1 car

  4. 690 KTM Adventure rides SOUTH AUSTRALIA

    That stupid fucked up shark. Just killed this it.

  5. motomazine

    Depends on the rider who rides them. But i wanna say, H2R would be a winner.
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  6. Thugz Luv

    Of course H2r win, unlike yamaha M1 n honda rcv213s motogp replica

  7. hossy .